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River of Love

Love is like a river, it flows so gently, towards us.

Love is wonderful, so pure, like a baby's touch..
Love is splendid and romance is in the air, each time we embrace.

Love is everything we need to see life in a better perspective.

Love is something that can not be contained.
We can stand in the pouring rain, and still be all alone!

We can see the dark clouds and run for shelter, like we do

with our love at times.
We can kiss like the angels do in heaven and still be the best of friends.

Kind thoughts, and gentle looks, into one another's eyes, and we realize,

that love is that river that flows into our hearts and souls and we lose all control,

yet again.
Love is never a sin, and your love, I did win.
I will woo you and romance you and you shall do the same for me.

We shall always be best of friends, and love each other for all times to come,

and that river of love, will flow in our minds, spirit and souls for ever more..

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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