Bitcoin Chief- Mmesoma Forged Result Because INEC Swore In A Wrong Person

By agboola ibrahim
City Flames Bitcoin Chief- Mmesoma Forged Result Because INEC Swore In A Wrong Person

Bitcoin Chief, the self-acclaimed first Bitcoin trader in Nigeria has given persuasive justification as to why Mmesoma manipulated her Universal Tertiary Examination, UTME, result.

The Bitcoin Chief has in a recent post on his official social media page reiterated the cogent reason he will not withdraw his preparation to sponsor Mmesoma's education.

The Bitcoin Chief who came out earlier to challenge Joint Admission And Matriculation Board for falsely accusing Mmesoma has faulted the Nigerian system of government. He remarked that the system is excessively corrupt and it has opened doors for young manipulators.

Recall that he claimed that the board's accusation is a deliberate attack on the Igbos. Having discovered the flaws of Mmesoma, he stressed that he will continue with his plans to raise her.

Stressing further, he maintained that the crime of manipulation is not a new song in this part of our world just as we have the corrupt Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, who manipulated results to favour another candidate.

He thereby justified that, all the crimes perpetrated by political actors are directly influencing young souls to engage in all kinds of illicit or criminal works just as Mmesoma has done.

I will still sponsor Mmesoma. Whether she agreed or not that's not my problem. Suppose illegality was not celebrated openly like INEC swearing in a President who didn't win the Elections, A president with a Forged Certificate and no trace of Primary to University Education, If Nigeria didn't celebrate Elected officials who rig elections, etc. Young people won't see a reason to forge certificates and be celebrated openly. While we address this, we must look at the entire society.

If you want us to accept, celebrate and defend a President who rigged Election with Forged Certificate, we must also not destroy Little Girl's future with a forged certificate.

I will personally call her and explain to her that JAMB numbers don't define how far she can go in life and next time she shouldn't bother Forging one.

I and our company @voiceoftheeast will still SPONSOR her!

Whenever we are ready to clean the mess society has become we will start with public officials many of who are elected with forged certificates. They are the bad examples People like Mmesoma are copying from.

She has made a mistake and she must be corrected and shown the right path for next time!

Result Manipulation Saga
Recall that Mmesoma, the Anambra state UTME candidate has been in the news for the past few days following the manipulation of her results.

Following the release of the UTME result, she was celebrated as the best 2023 UTME candidate for having scored 369. Her result earned her 3 million nairas from Innoson Motors.

Unfortunately, Jamb came recently to nullify her result alleging that she inflated her result. The board claimed that her real score is 249 and that she took another person's result as hers

However, a recent thorough Investigation into Mmesoma's result proves indeed that she manipulated her result. Before the investigation, Mmesoma denied inflating her result over her claim of her lack of capability to do such.

Now, it is dawned on everybody including Mmesoma that she manipulated her result.