France-Nollywood Week Film Festival rolls out today

By Abel Mavura || Freelance Journalist 
Film/TV Workshop France-Nollywood Week Film Festival rolls out today
MAY 6, 2021 LISTEN

Despite the ravaging Covid -19 pandemic, one of the fast-growing African film festivals in Europe, Nollywood Film Festival is set to kick-start today virtually. More than 33 films from 12 different countries have been included in the Programmation.

Life changed drastically for the whole world due to the euroclydon, Covid - 19. The pandemic has ravaged many lives and economies in an unprecedented manner. People became immersed in a new reality, adapting to the new normal and adopting new approaches to continue with life.

Same is the case with the popular Nollywood Film Festival. This time around it will take place online. Speaking to Real Time News reporter, the Festival Director, Nadira Shakur said, "Unlike in recent years, this year due to Covid-19 pandemic which brought some restrictions on travel, it is not possible to bring our delegates and audience at one place."

She added that, "The pandemic has also presented us with an opportunity to reach a wider audience online and this year more than 33 films from 12 different countries have been selected, so in the end the festival is growing. The festival has expanded in every way possible because we also have about 4 world premieres and this year our festival is making a way for new generation of film makers. For instance, the opening film was made by a first-time director."

"We are witnessing some kind of a new wave coming out of Nigeria at the moment and that’s very encouraging to us. However, going from a physical event to an online event is a challenge on its own. It's a serious learning curve because there are a lot of different parameters to take into consideration". She added.

The Festival will run from the 6th to 9th of May and there will be events outside of screenings, a few examples are as follows:

-Animation roundtable:

-Screenwriting conference:

-How to run a cinema in a COVID context:

Here's the full list of films to be screened during the film:

"Despite being online, the main objective of our festival this time around is to maintain the high level of interactions that we normally have during the festival."

"In order to do that, each of our films will have a Q&A at the end.

And we are also using the platform below as a hang-out spot. A networking hub where people can just meet and chill. There will also be some presentations there, and all kinds of activities." She said.

You can watch video recap of the 2019 Nollywood film festival edition:

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