Covering The #endsars London Protest - Burna Boy Speaks

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City Flames Covering The #endsars London Protest - Burna Boy Speaks

Following the shooting of peaceful protesters at the Lekki tollgate on the 20th of October 2020, Nigerians in London took the protest to the Nigerian High Commission in London on the 21st of October to state their displeasure on what is now known as the #LEKKIMASSACRE.

Burna Boy in his statement at the protest encouraged Nigerians to be strong and not relent.

Here is Burna Boy's statement......
"I am Burna Boy. I am a Nigerian; born and bred, I am 29 years old so this makes me a Nigerian youth.

We are the new generation, relentless and indefatigable. If this change must come, we must be ready not to lose focus and go the long haul.

As Nigerians who have decided enough is enough to bad governance, police impunity, and general uselessness, we protested against this escalating violence from SARS primarily

Protests were peaceful, for almost 2 weeks, with no political backing, no cult backing, no ulterior motive, no clear leader, the youths of my country came together in different states of Nigeria to protest peacefully, investing their skills, time, and money braving all odds just to say we have had enough and things must change.

The Lekki toll gate became the flagship grounds for this protest.

Yesterday, the CCTV cameras were turned off, electricity cut off and protesters were shot by soldiers from the Nigerian military. This is a fact.

Ambulances and medical aid were denied passage to the scene, this is another fact. We can argue about the numbers, argue that they were hoodlums but the fact is that defenseless Nigerians singing their national anthem waving their flag, some sitting on the floor were shot at by Nigerian soldiers.

This should not have happened, should not go unpunished, and must never happen again.

As a reaction, some people are burning houses and looting public and private property.

What should we not do?
We should not allow this cause to be derailed by our anger( justified as it may be), we should also not let it be hijacked by people who don't understand what we are fighting for, our people who are paid to loot.

Pls stop burning and looting, it only takes the attention off the real issue, let those who have died in this protest not have died in vain.

What we should do?
Obey the curfew for as long as it lasts, they cannot lock us up forever.

Go back to protesting and demonstrating peacefully but with more commitment than ever before.

Continue to make noise, gather evidence, and expose the truth to the international community.

Remain on Twitter and social media.
Be our brother’s keeper: don't watch people’s property and businesses be looted.

Take evidence and broadcast any human right violations you see

Call the NGOs for medical and legal assistance( project protect, feminist coalition, etc).

Rest In peace to our heroes and martyrs, your death will not be in vain."

#EnoughIsEnough #EndsarsNow

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