DanielEtim-Effiong, Akah Nnani, Belinda Effah, Kaylah Oniwo & More Starin Bland2Glam's "Power of 7" Campaign

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DanielEtim-Effiong, Akah Nnani, Belinda Effah, Kaylah Oniwo & More Starin Bland2Glam's
LISTEN OCT 11, 2019

What kind of jewellery do African men wear the most? If you said Bracelets, then you are so correct! Nigeria's Leading Jewellery brand, Bland2Glam, is celebrating it's 7th anniversary and to commemorate this momentous milestone, the brand is branching out from being totally female-centric by releasing its first jewellery collection for men.

Bland2Glam also makes its first foray into clothing by creating a range of premium cotton tee shirts for women. The cotton quality of their tee shirt range is totally unmatched as they are highly resistant to stretch, shrinkage and colour loss.

Bland2Glam guarantees a minimum durability of 3 years on these tee shirts, we think this is amazing! The brand has got so much in store for the dudes and to start off their "love affair" with the men, Bland2Glam has released the coolest set of bracelets you would ever see in one go! Since women are known to love wearing everything men own from boxers to shirts, we know the ladies will enjoy these bracelets as much as the men. No worries, there's enough to go round!

To celebrate 7 years in the fashion business, Bland2Glam has launched a really exciting campaign tagged #thePowerof7 which features Daniel Etim-Effiong, Belinda Effah, Kaylah Oniwo, Akah Nnani, Tallulah Doherty, Ben Touitou and the gorgeous Delphinator!

There will also be an exclusive strictly-by-invitation party at the Landmark Beach to celebrate this special moment with friends and supporters of Bland2Glam.

Speaking on the brand's achievements, Bland2Glam founder & CEO, Seyi Banigbe, says: "They repeatedly told me it was impossible to create a fashion brand that could provide a healthy combination of affordable and good quality jewellery. "Nigerians shop for these things abroad", many have said to me, but my response has always been "give Nigerians prices and quality similar to what they find abroad and they'll shop for premium fashion in Nigeria". I'm glad I followed my dream because the jewellery company that started from the boot of my car has sold over 10,000 pieces of jewellery to customers across Nigeria and the globe too! … in the last 7 years we've achieved a lot. From hiring scores of Nigerians, to creating jewellery designs peculiar to the African woman's taste and tone, our mission has always been to make great quality accessories affordable and accessible to Nigerians.

Visit to shop the new collection, and follow them on instagram @bland2glam

See campaign photos and video below. Enjoy!

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