09.04.2020 Letter

Managing The Covid-19 Pandemic- An Open Letter To Ghana's First Lady

By Vincent Ohene-Ntow
Managing The Covid-19 Pandemic- An Open Letter To Ghana's First Lady
LISTEN APR 9, 2020

Dear Aunty Rebecca,
I hope this piece finds you well. I know you have been and continue to be a strong pillar in the life of our President. I know you have an integral role to play in his government especially in this pandemic. I felt I should put these few words together to urge you and our president on in the fight against Covid-19.

“My beautiful Rebecca” as the president affectionately calls you in public, in these trying times, the whole of Ghana is looking up to their President, your husband. The president might have a technical team working to resolve this pandemic but the utmost responsibility to ensure the safety of Ghanaians largely depends on the decisions of our President.

After the day's activities, I know you are the only one he shares his frustrations and worries with in bed. I do not know if he has had a sound sleep since Ghana recorded her first case of Covid-19. Please be strong and cheer our president up. Encourage him to try and have a sound sleep. Let him understand, the whole of Ghana is not just looking up to him but we are with him to fight this pandemic.

Remind him, his closest political rival is even in support and have made available a team of experts to complement his team to fight this pandemic.

Assure him, Ghanaians are adhering to his guidelines and we will ensure this fight passes away soon.

Aunty Becky, in as much as we are to avoid personal contact, let him find comfort in your arms in this pandemic. Reassure him on our behalf that, this fight shall surely end in praise...

Well, I do not know if he can get his usual kisses but if he can't, kindly blow him a kiss every night and morning on behalf of all of us.

BY Kwame Ohene-Ntow
Email: [email protected]

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