04.04.2020 Opinion

What The Global Lockdown Is Doing To Mankind And Men

By Kofi Marfo (Sir Richie)
What The Global Lockdown Is Doing To Mankind And Men
LISTEN APR 4, 2020

The increase in global lockdown has merits and demerits to families. The rationale behind the lockdown imposed by several governments is to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The editorial team of has outlined some realistic events surrounding the lockdown.

Domestic violence:domestic violence cases have increased immensely and the lockdown implies victims of domestic violence are now forced to spend each day with their perpetrators.The breathing space for victims of domestic violence to either be at work or socializing elsewhere has abruptly ended , empowering their abusers to launch verbal or concussive physical abuse when suitable .In France, domestic violence has risen by 36%, including two cases of femicide, since the beginning of the lockdown.In Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morisson announced a 75% rise in Google searches for help since the start of the lockdown.

Sexual Abuse : Women who had long suspected their husband’s of cheating, have capitalized on the lockdown as the best time to have the fair and utmost taste of their husbands. Some of these men even make themselves physically unavailable for weeks or months under one pretense or another, but thanks to the lockdown , these men are religiously at home and been pursued 4 to 5 times a day in bed by their wives.


Side girls in trouble: With the surge in death rate globally , the fear has confined men to the inner side of their front entrance door threshold , hence making it extremely difficult for a visit of any kind to their girl lovers. In UK alone the death toll has reached 3605,even though only 5 deaths recorded in Ghana , they still have 205 infected cases and this has debunked all misconceptions surrounding Covid 19 that it wasn’t real. Now girl lovers are also living solitude lives without their sugar daddies.

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Economical use of mobile phones : The lockdown has empowered wives to place strict surveillance on who their husbands engage in conversation. Their suspicious minds like vicious snake is heightened since they believe men at home will still need to honour certain obligations to their girl lovers via mobile phone conversations or whattsapp text messages.

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Mobile phones stuck in men’s hands 24/7 : Men cannot afford to leave their Mobil phones unattended during the lockdown period. Women with suspicious minds hope to see their partners mobile phone abandoned anywhere at home for them to intrusively check all text conversations. Men have been extremely cautious during the lockdown not to leave their mobile phones lying around .In fact some men have chained their phones to their wrist.

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People are worrying about financial issues due to job losses or concerns over work, issues with health and isolation from friends and extended family and this is very frustrating.

There will be a lot of people who have more stress, possibly because they are with people who they wouldn’t spend so long with as a proportion of the day.Be your own psychologist. Look inside yourself, think about your needs and do what will make you feel happy.

General advice :The critical thing is to be focused and not to attack or criticize the other. Put any anger, disappointment, or unfulfilled expectations to one side.You cannot let your children see you criticizing or humiliating each other.Women must acknowledge that men need breathing space.Above all, be honest with yourselves. Understand that you’re used to one kind of life and may be meeting another reality which catches you with your pants down.

The UK lockdown rules:

  • Shopping for basic necessities such
  • as food or medicine
  • To take exercise (the guidelines suggest once a day, and in Wales that is the law)
  • Seeking medical assistance, or to avoid injury or illness or to escape a risk of harm
  • Providing care or assistance to a vulnerable person, providing emergency assistance, or donating blood
  • Travelling to work or to carry out voluntary services, where it’s not possible to do these from home
  • Attending the funeral of a member of your household, or a close family member (or in some circumstances, a friend)
  • Fulfilling legal obligations, such as attending court, satisfying bail requirements or participating in legal proceedings
  • Accessing critical public services including childcare or education, social services, or victim support
  • Allowing children of separated parents to move between both households
  • Moving house where reasonably necessary

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