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Epistles Of The EndTime, Part 3: Spiritual Sluggishness

Epistles Of The EndTime, Part 3: Spiritual Sluggishness
LISTEN MAR 30, 2020

The bible clearly told us that one of the signs of the end of times will be spiritual sluggishness where people care less about their spirituality whiles the fleshly mundane things becomes a priority. Timothy and the account of Matthew puts it this way: “the love of many (not few) will grow cold and people will become lovers of themselves rather than lovers of God”. My assignment is to remind us of the indicators of these days so that we will not become victims of it unaware. The signs are already clear as it were, the best we can do is to help mitigate the risk of losing God at the expense of maintaining or jobs. The following as prescribed in 2nd Timothy 3:1-2 will be some indicators to our spiritual sluggishness as the son of man tarries:

People will be Lovers of themselves, LOVERS OF MONEY, Disobedient to their Parent, Ungrateful, Without Self-control, Unforgiving and LOVERS OF PLEASURES RATHER THAN LOVERS OF GOD.

During the era of this global catastrophic pandemic, you may have seen one or two of these traits in the lives of people or in your own life as a pastor, a student, a politician, a trader or a business man. If we are in seasons like this and people can still inflate prices by 300% just to make abnormal profit, that's not just character flaws, no, it is the character that loves money than fellow humans. That is a manifestation of the wickedness in the heart of man awaiting expression. You slept early and your alarm sounded for you to pray and you didn't only put it off, you took the battery out and covered yourself with a bigger blanket so you can feel good, and you deny a generation of the intercession that could have been done out of love for the body of Christ.

Your phone got missing and you bought a new one. You failed an exam, you quickly re-registered and took the papers again. Your partner divorced you and you found a way to remarry. You lost your job and then got a new one, your church was attacked and you quickly built another church but YOUR PRAYER LIFE IS DYING FOR YEARS NOW AND IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU. YOUR DON'T HAVE A BIBLE, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY YOU SHOULD FAST AND FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT SELDOMELY MANIFEST IN YOUR LIFE, and it is of no concern to you yet these are the matters of the spirit that are superior to this realm. Check it, it could be the love of pleasure more than love for God.

The Bible has told us that “the things that are seen were not made of the things that do appear”, meaning the realm of the spirit birthed this physical realm. So, if there is any attention to give to your destiny, it should be an investment into your spiritual life. The boast that you know God should be superior to your boast in the crowd that gathers for your Sunday service. The boast that you know God should be superior to the boast of property acquisition. The boast that you know God should be superior to the boast of amassing academic accolades. This is because a time is coming where everything will standstill and fail but the only source to draw strength will be your relationship with your maker.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! Grant me encounters and conviction stronger than what I know. I avail myself for your teachings and Lordship. I receive and accept you as my Lord and Personal Savior.Thank you.

R. Duafah
[email protected]

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