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Coronavirus: Peaceful Heart Foundation Joins The Fray With Door-To Door Campaign

Coronavirus: Peaceful Heart Foundation Joins The Fray With Door-To Door Campaign
LISTEN MAR 30, 2020

Peaceful Heart Foundation (PHF), a peace based NGO, is supporting the government’s effort to stem the coronavirus pandemic in the country through a door-to-door campaign.

The Foundation is offering its support through a campaign dubbed: “Say No To Covid-19”, an initiative to sensitize and further drum home the need for Ghanaians to adhere to the government’s health and safety protocols of regular washing, social distancing as well as heed to the President’s directive for people to stay home and adhere to the partial lockdown.

With a branded “Say No To Covid -19 “vehicles and huge public Address (P. A) System on top of the Vehicles, Peaceful Heart Foundation has been moving from one community to the other in the Greater Accra metropolis and engage residents through a door-to-door approach to sensitize them on the covid-19 protocols.

The Executive Director of PHF, Ing. Anthony Kwame Mawugbe told that his motivation stems from the fact that government can not fight the covid-19 pandemic alone hence the need for individuals and institutions like his to join the fray to complement the effort of government.

“Peaceful Heart Foundation, we stand for peace and we believe that Ghanaians cannot say they are comfortably in peace when corona virus stares at them in the face. We see corona virus as a threat to peace that is why we are embarking on this campaign to support government and let people know that the health and safety protocols are very essential in these critical times” Ing. Mawugbe emphasized.

He added that “we are not in ordinary times as the President said so we all need to put our hands on deck to fight the coronavirus so that peace and comfort would prevail in the country”

The Executive Director of PHF later explained that even though the government is currently running an advertisement on coronavirus on TV and radio, the “Say No To Corona Virus Campaign” is yielding results due to the community-based approach of the campaign.

Ing. Mawugbe has therefore admonished Ghanaians to treat the President’s lockdown with the greatest seriousness it deserves and stay home and adhere to the regular hand washing and social distancing protocols adding that it is in their own interest to respect the directive in order to avoid being infected as well as curtail the viral spread of the coronavirus in the country.

He later noted that Peaceful Heart Foundation intends to meet the President of the Corona Virus Inter-Ministerial Committee to officially inform them of the “Say No Corona Virus Campaign” and to discuss how best the Foundation can collaborate with government in its effort to fight the covid-19 in Ghana.

It would be recalled that Peaceful Heart Foundation was very instrumental in ensuring peace in the 2012 general elections where it embarked on “Say No to Violence” campaign and launched a peace song to spearhead the campaign.

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