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Epistles Of The EndTime, Part 2: Every Man’s Need Must First Be God

Epistles Of The EndTime, Part 2: Every Man’s Need Must First Be God
LISTEN MAR 24, 2020

One of the things that MAN must do in this end times is not just schooling but seeking of the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE. The reason for the NEED of God in this generation than ever is not only to escape hell and make heaven even though that's the apex of the evangelical message we communicate. But look at what Paul said in 2 Cor 5:11... “Looking at the terror of God, we persuade men”. The truth is there is a terror of God coming and the only place of safety is God. There is a time coming both the hospital and the parliament will not be a safe place. The only place of safety is in God. Man needs (not want) God. God is not an option to the average man on the street. We came from him (our parents were only conduit of delivery) and we must return to Him. Man is not permitted to leave outside God. Our generation of young men finish school and then makes God looks like a nuisance.

I remember some few weeks ago, I was talking to a group of young men during their smoking spree during, he looked at me in anger and resentment and said “ leave me alone and let me live my life” and another look at me and said “ he will have called his guys to burn us alive as thieves”. In my mind I knew I wasn't the first to be burnt so that was not a threat at all because many of the church fathers we call successful today were burnt whiles alive. A profound church father like John Huss was burnt to death. Hugh Latimer of the Worcester church was burnt to death, Polycarp was a 2nd century Christian bishop of Smyrna and he was also burnt, not for stealing but for this same mandate of standing of the truth. So, the threat of death and persecution didn't start today but we take consolation from the fathers of the past and keep the sailing.

In this era of epidemics, to elevate science above God is an insult to redemption, to elevate governance and strategies above God is an insult to the sovereignty of God and to choose education above God is not a wise thing to do. We are not trivializing those things but those things only make sense if its in God and through God. In the days of the Bible kings, a government and even the army will never take any step without consulting the prophet they know to have been with God. They know God is the only one with a track record of delivering men. God is a necessity not an option. We need God. The neglect of God has catastrophic consequences.

When Nebuchadnezzar left God, he was turned into a beast with the brain of a man to go and stay in the bush for 7 years to learn lessons and when he returned, he became a preacher. When the rich fool saw money and left God, he lost his life the next day. When Israel went to fight a small nation called “Ai” without God, they didn't only loose the battle they lost the lives of their precious soldiers. Men don't live God and still make meaning out of their lives. If you ever see yourself living long despite your neglect of God, its just God's mercy keeping you alive hoping that you repent and return. Its not a guarantee for longevity. Young man, listen to me; you need God. You need Him.

This generation must get this once and for all that “nothing plus God will produce something and something without God will produce nothing”.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! Let my soul, spirit and body host you. I need you. I handover my life to you. I handover my life. Takeover my life.

R. Duafah
[email protected]

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