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GMI Orphanage Appeals To Nana Addo Over Locked-Up Goods At Tema Port

GMI Orphanage Appeals To Nana Addo Over Locked-Up Goods At Tema Port
LISTEN MAR 18, 2020

Management of Great Mission International Children's Home has made a passionate appeal to President Akufo-Addo to come to their aid in order to retrieve their locked-up goods at the Tema Port.

In a statement forwarded exclusively to, the CEO of the Orphanage, Mr. John Nyavor indicated that the goods mainly Mattresses and Beds which were donated to them by their donors from Belgium, have been locked-up at the Tema Harbour over their inability to pay for the outrageous clearing fee of over GHC20,000.00

According to Mr. Nyavor, since these goods are going to be used by the Children, he is appealing to the President(Nana Addo) to come to their aid in order for the goods to be cleared freely by making tax exemption possible and accessible for them.

Kindly read the Full statement below!
“I would like to thank the Government for the checks in our homes in making sure things go well. Last year, during the last visit of the Department of Social Welfare in December, I made them know how much efforts I am putting in to get a family-based living condition for our children and even took the Director and others to our new site where we are building homes for children to live just as in family so they are not many in just one home as we see now.

This is a really huge project and it demands a lot. It is not for me, it is for the nation and the future of the nation. That is why my name is not on the project but the name of Great Mission International.

I may not be alive today but someone else will take over. The children, orphans we have in the society will forever have a place to call homes. I am a little sad and nervous because it seems the Government is neglecting us in a way.

It saddens my heart every day I am tracing just a tax exemption waiver I applied for more than a month now. Some good people, supporters of GMI (Great Mission International) have collected mattresses and some items which were shipped from Europe to be used by the children we care for and not for sale nor profit-making.

I had submitted all my documents and proof of my taxes to the clearing agent at the port and to the Department of Social Welfare. It took some days to get things through and with all the new processes.

I finally got two letters from the Ministry of Gender which one was sent to the Trade Ministry and the other to the Ministry of Finance. My last journey supposed to be the Ministry of Finance and here am I again waiting for days not knowing who can help. I am appealing to the Government to look into this for the Non-Governmental Organisations. At least this tax exemption could ease the work we do in supporting our nation.

Remember, I have built a primary school at Hodzo Wodome, Volta Region where we charge nothing but offer all supplies for the children to just have an education. Remember all the homes we have in the country, giving care and protection to our vulnerable. Remember, all the single mothers we are supporting so they can care for their children in order to maintain families together.

Remember, all the exchange programs we offer to children in order to give them chances in life. Remember, I have supported many surgeries, education, health, charities with my birthday which is JBI (John Birthday Impact), done every 22nd April… If you remember all these, please, make the tax exemption possible and accessible for us.

We can do more. The container is still at the port and we are going to pay $100 every day as it is not cleared. Help us our dear Government. Thank you and trust my humble appeal would favorably be considered. John A. Nyavor, (Director, GMI)”.

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