10.03.2020 Feature Article

African Agenda

African Agenda
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THE AFRICAN DEVELOPMENTAL AGENDA would be easier and more successful if we focused on Africans and African problems.

Racism/racial hatred must be eschewed, noting that it is not a preserve of Whites only. Africans can be, and are also racist and ethnocentric/tribalistic. After all did anybody have a say in choosing their race, tribe, the family that they assigned at birth!

The harm tribalism has been causing is obvious and enormous. A simple misunderstanding between two gates of the same ethnic group in Ghana for example stagnated the area for nearly twenty years before their dispute could be settled for peace to return!

Divided we fall, in unity we stand, so let not divisiveness remain or even have a place in our developmental agenda. The around thirty ethnic groups in Ghana are too much in division for nationhood; Ghana needs Ghanaians but not tribes. The whole is equal to the sum of its parts.

There's no point attempting a reinvention of the wheel, so legitimately borrowing adapting and adopting whatever is known so far to create new things in Africa for Africans and the Global Village is proper and acceptable. After all one person's finished product is another's raw material.

The education imparted to Ghanaians and other Africans would have been enough if it had been meant for explore and solve our problems instead of it being for job-seeking and for prestige. In other words most Ghanaians/Africans have not appreciated enough that their education is to empower them to manage their environment.

If they do and also recall that they have been independent for a while now then maybe our graduates will reconsider their demands. Independence is an indication of one's maturity and readiness to manage themselves. African nations need to show this after their declared independence.

The dark skin of Africans is not a curse or a deficiency, so let Africans muster the necessary faith and courage to demonstrate their capabilities to the glory of themselves and the one who created them so.

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