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22.02.2020 Feature Article

Hard Truths About Pastors

Hard Truths About Pastors
LISTEN FEB 22, 2020

THERE IS the way to heaven and a true pastor knows that way. Knowing Jesus Christ is tantamount to knowing that way. Jesus is the only way to heaven, and when a pastor knows Jesus, he points people to Him, thereby actually leading them to heaven. May God bless, protect and strengthen all pastors who are diligently preparing souls for eternal salvation.

A person who is the way to heaven must be one who pre-existed in heaven, came from heaven to the earth, preached to pave the way to heaven, ascended to heaven and shall return from heaven to take the elect of God to heaven on an appointed day. To qualify as the way to heaven, the person must have the power and authority of life and resurrection. Without controversy, only Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the way to heaven.

Watch out! There is only one place your pastor may take you to. Yes, your pastor may either take you to heaven or hell—the destinations of all mankind. But your pastor has a divine duty to lead you to heaven and this is his main assignment.

Any pastor who plants a church and mounts its signboards with his photos to advertise himself as if he is the owner of the church is proud. It is scripturally incorrect and administratively improper for a pastor, a mortal man and servant, to build a church around his name. The church belongs to Christ so it must be built around and in the name 'Christ Jesus' as it is written, “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ…” (Colossians 3:17).

Any pastor who refuses to read the books or listen to the teachings of other pastors is proud. Any pastor who makes his congregants worship him is proud. Any pastor who puts on biblically unapproved clothing to distinguish himself from his congregants is proud. Any pastor who sits in a meeting exclusively to be recognized and revered is proud. Any pastor who preaches about money more than Christ is proud and straying.

Moreover, any pastor who does not decrease and make Christ increase is proud. Any pastor who takes interest always in officiating weddings, but asks his associates or assistants to see to the baptism of believers is proud in the sight of God. Any pastor who is concerned about the beauty of a church building far more than the beauty of a believer’s soul is proud and straying from the sound knowledge of Christ.

Any pastor who imitates something he sees another pastor doing without seeking the will of God concerning it is proud and demonstrating a poor relationship with God. Also, any pastor who does not teach and introduce Christ as the Owner of the church he oversees is proud. Any pastor who does not study to show himself approved unto God so that he can rightly divide the Word of truth is proud.

Any pastor who buys ordination in order to be placed in a ministry office and receive honourific titles is proud. Any minister who pays money to be consecrated a bishop or an apostle, thinking that the office of a bishop or an apostle is superior to the office of a teacher, an evangelist or a prophet is proud and ignorant.

Finally, any pastor who personally lobbies to be introduced and recognized at public functions is proud. Any pastor who flaunts his cars and mansions in the media to boost his self-esteem is proud. Any pastor who cleverly puts in place some systems to command respect is proud. Any pastor who cannot stand correction and competition or appreciate the promotion of his associate is proud.

Many prophets today need spiritual directions more than the people they give directions to because they themselves are lost. Many pastors in our generation need salvation more than the people they preach to because they themselves are not saved.

Many ministers in our time need prayers more than the people they pray for because they themselves have weak or no relationship with Jesus Christ. May God raise a new generation of ministers anointed with the Holy Spirit and power to confront sin and error in the church of Jesus Christ today.

In fact, many Christians will change their pastors without delay if they spend quality time to study the Bible and pray. When you diligently study the Bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in prayer, you will have God's opinion about who your pastor really is. You will know whether your pastor is a servant of God, a servant of the devil or a servant of man.

The Bible is not a pastor's handbook; it is the Word of God for all children of God to study and live by. It is not proper to be a person of prayer without being a person of the Word. We must pray, study and do the Word of God at the same time. So let us study our Bible for knowledge of God, obedience and salvation.

Believers rejoice when a pastor buys a parcel of land, puts up a beautiful building, fills it with quality chairs and equip it with powerful musical instrument and cameras.

But God and His angels rejoice when a pastor makes a sinner repent, feeds them to grow up spiritually to conform to the image of Christ to be presented to Him on the Day of Judgment.

By James Quansah

[email protected]

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