26.12.2019 Feature Article

Are Ghanaians really tired of NPP and NDC? Are Mahama and Nana Addo the Poisonous Vipers?

Are Ghanaians really tired of NPP and NDC? Are Mahama and Nana Addo the Poisonous Vipers?
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The cries of Ghanaians reached me from on high that I decided to come and see what actually their cries might mean. To my greatest surprise, Ghanaians are crying because of the doom the NPP government is causing them every minute of their breath. Then I asked myself, was it not these same people who cheered “the NPP’s messiah, Nana Addo” up and wanted him to save them from the hell fire brought by John Mahama?

Hmm! Like Azure Manasseh wrote, at all cost Ghanaians needed a change of government and wouldn’t mind even if the option was voting for a sheep. It expresses the deep wounds they were left to treat while the Mahama government continued to bruise them. Like joke like joke, the people of Ghana during the December 2016 presidential election vehemently voted in order to throw “the curse Mahama government” away. Hopefully, their wish came into being when the people’s choice was announced; Nana Addo, the promising saviour for Ghanaians emerged as the winner.

It’s only three years into his government and such a great cry means a lot. Good citizens are fed up with their choice of messiah too. But who are they to look up to in 2020? This question becomes of great importance since Ghanaians have practically accepted a two party state system, having two poisonous vipers as their presidential candidates for 2020 elections.

They are the poisonous vipers the nation have ever had but with no other option than to vote for either of them that tightens his lying abilities. So one can predict the 2020 presidential election from now. Although Ghanaians are tired of these two parties, they have no option like that old lady who has lost her teeth but want to chew bones. The point is that although Ghanaians are tired of these two political parties they have no option than to continue to vote for either of them, although will continue to dangle their fate till “The Nkrumah Type” comes to save them.

And like Azure Manasseh noted in his work that he was sure of voting Mahama out in the 2016 election, I hope people like him who are tired of these two candidates will vote Mahama and Nana Addo out by voting for those independent candidates. Ghana will get there-the time will come when Ghanaians will over throw NPP and NDC, that day will be celebrated more than the Independence Day.

From the pen of Emmanuel Graham Nyameke.