04.12.2019 Business & Finance

Atewa Forest Won’t Be Destroyed – GIADEC Assures

Chief Executive Officer of GIADEC, Michael AnsahChief Executive Officer of GIADEC, Michael Ansah
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The Ghana Integrated Aluminum Development Corporation (GIADEC) has assured stakeholders, especially civil society organizations that it is committed to protecting vegetation, water bodies and wildlife in Atewa and other forest reserves where mining will be undertaken.

It has also pledged its commitment to the responsible and sustainable development of the aluminum industry in Ghana.

GIADEC made the pledges during a meeting with the media on Wednesday December 4, 2019 in Accra.

Chief Executive Officer of GIADEC, Michael Ansah, said the mining license expected to be awarded in Kyebi covers 90m2 of 725m2 forest approximately 12 percent of the total forest area.

He said not all of this area will be mined at once and the area is expected to be rehabilitated phase by phase.

He said there are examples of industry best practices from across the world that GIADEC would adopt in protecting the environment.

NGOs and other stakeholders have been raising concerns about the safety of the Atewa forest when bauxite mining is done there.

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