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27.11.2019 Business & Finance

NLA, Luckweb Launch New Jackpot Game 

By News Desk
NLA, Luckweb Launch New Jackpot Game 

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) in collaboration with its international partner, Luckweb Ghana Ltd., has launched fresh jackpot game - Daywa 5/39.

With the introduction of Daywa 5/39, NLA is expanding its game portfolio, with daily (except Sundays), dividend game that offers increased chances of winning a non-capped minimum guaranteed jackpot of GH¢100,000.

The jackpot increases after every draw, in case there is no winner and resets to 100,000 once won. The players can also win many smaller prizes ranging from GH¢2 to GH¢500.

The collaboration with the NLA under the leadership of Kofi Osei Ameyaw includes introducing a variety of exciting lotto games to Ghanaians and also create jobs.

According to him, “the launch of Daywa 5/39 is the beginning of new, attractive and modern lotto games that would stimulate the lotto market across the country.”

The exciting aspect of Daywa 5/39 daily jackpot is that it applies the game mechanics of the famous jackpot lotteries in Europe and the US, a true novelty in Ghana. Such jackpot games allow players to win the top prize even if they only buy a minimal-bet ticket.

For the player, this means that he/she does not need to bet large amounts to stand a chance to win the top prize. Bigger bets do however multiply the player’s statistical odds of winning.

In line with the statistical odds that were adapted to the projected patronage in Ghana, jackpot wins are expected, by design, to be quite frequent.

The Daywa 5/39 jackpot lotto game is played by dialling a short code, *446# and selecting 5 numbers from 01 to 39 without repeating any of the chosen numbers, with a minimal bet amount of only GH¢2 paid via mobile money across all networks, and via the Daywa app.

The daily draw is at 7 pm and takes place in Brennan Hall at NLA Headquarters. The game can be played conveniently around the clock. Winners are paid out automatically and direct into players mobile money accounts.

According to Mr Ameyaw, the game seeks to contribute to the growth and development of the country through the NLA, while providing excitement, ease of play and greater chances of winning every day.