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11.10.2019 Feature Article

Do NOT invest in Ghana, do NOT send AID!

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Video: Bishop Daniel Obinim in Spain few weeks ago sleeping at the new designed bottom of his wife several times as evidence for his critics back home that the surgeons did a great job and her ass is not rotten as voiced by some Ghanaians (the behind of the wife now looks even worse than before to men of taste but more so in his position to allow such an operation means to violate the will of GOD as he had created his wife in the first place to HIS will and not the lustful will of a Man of GOD) comes as a disgrace with once more potential risk to destroy his great Ministry and portray him as a junior pastor instead of what his position is supposed to be by what he had achieved so far.

A fearful fight has emerged, right or wrongly accusing each other, between Angel Obinim and Rev. Obofour over money and power in Ghana`s society especially about their individual meaning and position in the Pastoral rim of their country and beyond. Not only GOD is disappointed and disgusted about this and many other fights between HIS supposed to serve as Men of GOD personalities, more so the simple people on the streets of Ghana and their worldwide followers.

Corruption, inefficiency, failed legal system, political parties not able to govern a country well, citizen sitting on their bags ready to leave to the world of the White Man, an Elite running around circles to keep their position inside their families, lies in the mind and mouth of each Ghanaian ready to haunt any neighbor standing in the way of selfish interest, cheating and lying towards investors to look for any change to grab his money, is the reflection of reality of a country mandated by its creation to eventually rule the world...what a self-inflicted downfall Ghanaians have brought onto themselves! So, so disgrace- and shameful.

White Men`s societies have realized their big mistakes committed in the past- and still ongoing- but come to feel the impact of their wrong doings by the influx of economic and political migrants that will even hit their societies in coming years harder than imaginable to simple minds think by opening their markets for African products and invest with factories in African countries will manage the problem and bring calm to the situation are again mistaken. It shows once more Whites do not understand Blacks for which reason come up with help and "solutions" that will not turn the table...and in most cases are not designed to achieve a lasting good life in Africa. To create 100.000 of jobs in Ghana by Whites do not change the agenda, do not end corruption, inefficiency, change attitude of the workforce, bring about a justice system working to law and order, stop Ghanaians destroying their country by dumping plastics into nature etc., the fundamental problems of Ghana.

When the fundamental structure of a country based on its Constitution, political, social, economic, traditional and political Elite is wrongly designed, a country is heading for its complete downfall and destruction. Only spiritual uplifting can bring a country back onto its feet and lift it up to glory. Men of GOD are supposed to help a Nation to achieve just that. Ghana as of now is involved on daily basis that strong and weaker Men of GOD are fighting each other on social media and at their own church altars.

While Whites and their governments carefully observe such practices clapping in their hands, possibly supporting indirectly such busy bodies throwing shame and disgrace onto each other; the winner, in the end, is always the White Man being assured what is going on in the Spiritual World in Ghana right now will make him sit for longer above the Black Man!

For the White Man it must be an alarming signal to investors to stay out of the country unless backed by direct initiative of their home countries to fall back to in case of serious trouble; countries ready for such a strategy that helps to ensure Blacks will not rise above them. White Men`s tax payers money for AID support is constantly misused in Africa but raises not enough loud voices in the White Men`s world knowing precious jobs will not find their way down south to the African continent preventing the outflow of work places seen thirty years ago disappearing towards the East, China, Vietnam, and others.

Ghana needs punishment for development!

Karl-Heinz Heerde
Karl-Heinz Heerde, © 2019

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