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Kidnapping Brouhaha: Is the security system of Ghana reliable?

The state of Ghana's security system
Kidnapping Brouhaha: Is the security system of Ghana reliable?
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The principle of loving and being loved is highly critical and imperative with regards to the psychosocial and emotional development of the individual. The reciprocal relationship deemed as a heartfelt desire and automated generated emotional bank, where people could easily tap into and flourish their emotional building blocks has been exchanged and sold out for individualist and hedonistic aspirations. Fundamentally, this should have been the core mandate of every social beings: to cater for one another’s needs and hold each other’s hand for the overall betterment of society.

Least did we expect that disintegration and segregation would consume our esteemed and rich cultural bank of “ubuntu”; I am because we are. It is not surprising that criminal activities and hedonistic flags have been on the rise on social media, print media, communities, schools, work places and around the globe. The desire to attain a famous edge, become socially recognized and parachute dramatically over friends, colleagues and in all walks of life has become a prevalent goal amongst the youth currently. Even though several laws and policies have been implemented to curtail and curb social ills perpetuated by many “demonic adventurers”, the situation keeps toeing the worst direction day in and day out. The irony that is dramatically rolling endlessly on the four walls of this country is that while criminal endeavours and their perpetrators are increasing at a higher rate, the mechanism needed to reduce, regulate and curb them are weakening at a very fast rate. The “ubuntu” model of human relations is bleeding profusely while its murderers are happily enjoying their lascivious lifestyle.

The environment we live in is not safe than to talk of it being secure! The same people we admire, cherish and cling to day in and day out are that same beings who are piercing our souls and hearts severely. Power and money have now become the controller and directional flags of many contemporarily. The principle of being one another’s keeper has now been inverted for the principle of smart living; the art of utilizing people’s weaknesses for our betterment and family building.

The issue of kidnapping has multi-dimensional implications on the social structure of Ghana, as well as the overall livelihoods of people in the society. Often times we tend to keep a blind eye on this pertinent problem in the country. Least attention do we mostly give the victims of this social ailment. Diversification is currently the overall determiner of criminality in our society. Instead of focusing on the welfare of victims of crime, we tend to lay more emphasis on the personality of the acts of crime. Institutional ills have become predominant than the laws regulating criminal behaviours. We are in an era where crime is seen as a norm and lucrative venture for many. Several people commit crime and find their way through because they are always assertive and hopeful that they have the power and resources to control the institutional settings of crime control. When trust in the criminal justice system is broken, people tend to generate a philosophy of “no law is credible and reliable”, hence drive their operational activities freely based on hedonistic psychology and heartfelt wishes/desires. If the major roles/responsibilities or functions of the law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system in general have been nailed down to pursuance of corrupt practices, then how do we expect criminals to behave in the country? It is so pathetic that tax payers monies are being channeled to security sectors, yet citizens are living in severe terror and panic. Is it a punitive strategy of communicating to Ghanaians that we not worth our own liberties, rights and wellbeing?

Some families are seriously grieving and are in great pain because of some agencies’ inability to work up to standard and ignorant behaviours. Innocent children are losing their lives to these “free to play criminals” because of some institutions’ failure to enforce the necessary laws and effectively tract the operational activities of these “demonic adventurers”. We always refer Ghana as a peaceful nation. But where does this peace tag lie when people are treated unjustly? When people are living in serious fear? When the lives of her citizens are at stake and not safe? When the institutions assigned to regulate criminal behaviours and ensure effective maintenance of peace, order and tranquility are dead?

My heart will never be at peace until justice is duly administered for the young citizens whose lives were sadly taken by these “demonic adventurers”. My heart will never experience rest and peace until the dead institutions are strengthened and rejuvenated to perform their respective roles and functions.

Author: Theophilus Quaicoe
[email protected]/+233501543858

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