15.09.2020 Feature Article

Ghanaian Global Peace Ambassador writes: How I wish I could rescue 'mine' now!

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The bell rang just before their sharp ears but hardly did they pay heed to its rising wave

Deeply ingrained in their ever-fulfilled and fatty lifestyle, piercing their heart with a needle of soul changing word is like speaking to a rocky substance.

Pain do they inflict severely in the harmonious being of many but never do they feel it

Possibly because that's what keeps their mind, body, spirit and soul together.

Tactfully do they play the game - to make it seem they're the most lovely creatures on earth,

But when reality unfolds itself in time, you'll realize they're the ones perpetuating all these evil acts.

How would one know the real actor of this act? Time surely will tell.

Must we cross our legs, fold our arms, and cover our head with our hands and always bow helplessly to this canker in our society?

Surely the 'weak' will hastily say, 'what else can we do than to surrender unendingly to them?'

For the brave and strong, "we're almost there; never despair!"

Our predecessors fought a great battle; they did the best in their time

Despite the threats that were blocking their way to reach the target, they looked beyond their desires to win the crown so we could have our freedom,

There's no doubt our forefathers are weeping helplessly in their graves! Never did they expect that once a heavenly legacy of freedom and joy they left us would turn into apartheid, love for power over love for mankind, mental slavery, evil desires of all forms, war, poverty, deep racism, and intolerance,

O' what a pity!
A shame we always refuse to own but is killing us slowly!

We keep pointing fingers at each other; blaming one another for an act we committed collectively,

We broke all the lines and wires connecting our progress and prosperity, and decided to hastily bow down to our slave masters, strengthen their progress, development and prosperity connections,

Just because of the peanuts they put in our palms,
This compounding rate of submission will never help us redeem our true reputation and state of life.

The only powerful antidote we need to bring back our society to its normal state is justice,

It is the only tool that will provide sustainable healing to evil done by people, and keep our continent in effective function forever!

But who is willing to pay the price, join the course and make it happen?

The choice is ours; it's either we accept the reality and face it or we run away from our mistakes and continue to be in a state of retrogression, and constant confusion!

_Theophilus Quaicoe_
© 2020