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11.09.2019 Feature Article

Work And Success Are Two Components Of Happiness

Work And Success Are Two Components Of Happiness
LISTEN SEP 11, 2019

Ideas are interesting but they do not bring any result until they are supported by actions.

It doesn't matter what you know, you may know even more than anyone else in the world, but it will not do any good until you roll up your sleeves and take action.

Knowing and doing nothing is the same as plowing and then sowing nothing. Ambition does not lead to anything until they are supported by action.

Success and promotion are based on hard work. Without dedication to your work, you can never achieve anything significant.

One secret about success is nothing in life will work for you until you make it work. Your fate is your choice. We cannot control everything in life but we can control our work.

Beware of being a person who lives on the principle of “I want to have it but does not want to work for it.”

You can put your energy into every desire, but if this desire is not supported by faith then whatever you do will be in vain.

If you are not ready to work hard, just accept the fact that you will not succeed. I have never heard of anyone accidentally achieving something significant by simply sitting at home without work.

Sometimes, on the National Geography channel, I see how persistently animals seek food for themselves. A seagull can dive for fish dozens of times until it reaches it.

A cheetah can chase an antelope many times until it finally catches it. Sometimes, a hyena comes to steal the catch if the cheetah is not fast enough to climb a tree with the carcass.

If a cheetah will still hunt for food if the carcass is stolen or if animals make mistakes, then start all over again, why should a human being give up if you fail in the first attempt to achieve something important in your life?

Look at the ants and think about how hard they work. They don't receive orders from human beings, yet, they harvest food and store it for the winter.

I remember, fifteen years ago in Fabricom, an industrial company in Antwerp, I worked very hard to the extent that a colleague from Morocco asked me: "If the company is for my father or I am paying off a loan taken from the bank."

I looked at his face and smiled without a word. That same week, he learned his lesson in a very hard way. He was caught red-handed fast asleep in a wheelbarrow and was sacked.

Work and success always go hand in hand. Even though you may have good ideas, to succeed, you need to work very hard. This applies to everything including building a successful government and a country.

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