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06.02.2006 Business & Finance

Fuel Additive hits Ghanaian market


Accra, Feb. 6, GNA -In the face of rising crude oil prices, vehicle owners have been asked to seek innovative ways to enhance the efficient performance of their engines in order to cut down fuel consumption. This would enable them to manage the ever-increasing fuel bill and save money for other contingencies.

Speaking at the introduction of a fuel saving additive, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, West African Regional Director of Combusto, said the current global economic hardship made it imperative for personal, commercial and industrial car users to consider adopting prudent measures that could radically reduce their overhead costs.

Developed in Singapore, combusto, a fatty acid fuel additive can be mixed with petrol, diesel, and biodiesel to enhance the operational efficiency of engines, generators and other equipment. Combusto is a palm oil based additive.

It works by enhancing the chemical combustion in the cylinder and helps break the carbon molecule for combustion and allows more oxygen inflows, leading to efficient running of the engine.

Alhaji Mohammed said the technology, which had been tested in Thailand and Nigeria had been found to reduce cost between 20 and 30 per cent and also increased the life span of the engine. Besides it reduces smoke and smog particulates as well as the fossil oil reserves depletion rate.

Mr Emmanuel Kusi, the Ghanaian Agent for Combusto said the introduction of the fuel additive on the Ghanaian market would help companies and individual car owners to reduce oil bills. Mr Ron Tan, Global Marketing Director Combusto described the additive as a scientific breakthrough in electrochemistry-bio technology.