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24.01.2006 General News

Declaration of assets law is a mockery

By Ghanaian Chronicle

The Executive Secretary of the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), Daniel Batidam says the assets declaration law has failed to meet it relevance because the law is more of a mockery than one serving its intended purpose since corruption and its related cases are still rife in high places especially in political governance.

He said since the incidence of corruption still pertains in government and politics it would be difficult to believe that the assets declaration law is serving any tangible purpose as in the case of much criticized procurement law which he said was more corruption friendly.

He is therefore advocating for government to take a second look at the strict implementation of that law since it has the tendency to partly reducing the high incidence of corruption in government and other high places.

The GII boss told journalists in Accra, that there is urgent need for government and stakeholders to see to the implementation of this law, which is obviously not serving its purpose.

According to him, anything short of that would seek to compound the already high incidence of corruption in the Ghanaian society more especially in government, since key government officials would turn a blind spot on it to engage in corrupt practices.

“ If the law is not solving the problems for which it was established, it fails to serve its usefulness,” he said.