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Merton Council Leader Cuts A Ghanaian Business Sod In London

By Wilfred Clarke
Merton Council Leader Cuts A Ghanaian Business Sod In London
LISTEN MAY 20, 2019

Emmanuel's Group of Companies have once again unveiled another addition to their numerous business ventures in Mitcham Surrey London.

The official launch opening of the new facility which is a Butchery’s was attended by the Leader of Merton Council Mr Stephen Alambritis , a cross section of the Merton Council members, the chief of Bobikuma Nana Nyarko II, social dignitaries, church elders, customers, as well as friends and family of the C.E.O Mr Emmanuel.

Having greeted all gathered duly and appropriately to a rapturous applause, Mr Emmanuel said in his official opening address that: “In following protocol, the management of Emmanuel Group of companies thought it was wise to augment the launch of Emmanuel Butcher’s with the administration that matters most.

“And I am saying this in terms of our local business bureaucracy, hence the invitation of our Merton Council hierarchies.

“So ladies and gentlemen, if you are here today, you are here to witness the official opening of this business facility in its humble beginnings by our top members of society.”

In outlining the ambitions of their latest business venture he said: “Our aims and goals are as simple as our vision and mission. Our vision is to be able to import legitimately what our customers want.

“And our mission is to be the best in the competitive marketplace among the Afro-Caribbean food business.”

Mr Emmanuel having said that, it was the turn of the Leader of Merton Council Mr Stephen Alambritis who said: “Thank you everyone, I am delighted to be here, to welcome the latest addition to Emmanuel's Group of Companies to the Mitcham business family.

“As a council, we have invested about 6 million pounds in Mitcham and we are not going to leave it there as there is plenty more to do.

“We need to get some more housing into the Mitcham Town Centre and some affordable housing that the local people can afford.

“But people also need to eat, and am really delighted that Emmanuel is investing in Mitcham, he could have gone anywhere in this world but has decided to do it in Mitcham, which is a lovely community with wonderful people.

“It is time my council pay some more attention to it, because of people like Emmanuel and we will see what we can do on business rate.

“It is a new business and we have a discount scheme for business rates. And if he is going to employ more people, then we will help him there as well.

“But you know, you use it or you lose it. so I am calling on our emerging residence of Mitcham Town Centre, to come and give it a try.”

Ending his speech by quoting the first president of Ghana Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Mr Alambritis said: “Dr Kwame Nkrumah said I am not born in Africa, Africa is born in me.” And by reference to Emmanuel he said: “Business is born in Emmanuel.”