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12.04.2019 Health

Anaesthetists Stage Partial Strike

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News Anaesthetists working in the theatre
APR 12, 2019 HEALTH
Anaesthetists working in the theatre

The Ghana Association of Certified Registered Anaesthetists (GACRA) has begun a partial strike over what they termed as an attempt to change their title to a lesser one.

The members of the association have currently withdrawn only anaesthesia services for elective surgeries, but threatened to totally withdraw their services, including emergencies, from April 16 if their demands are not met.

They want the government to decline from going ahead with the proposal to change their current name from 'certified registered anaesthetists' to 'physician assistant-anaesthesia'.

Speaking to the media, the president of the association, Jacob Awumbey, said several attempts to settle the issue amicably with the appropriate authorities have not yielded any results.

“By 15th if the ministry fails to listen to us, if the government fails to listen to us, then from 16th going there will be a total withdrawal of service,” he indicated.

He further added, “We want the government to maintain the name 'certified registered anesthetists'.”

The association said it had earlier sent a petition to Parliament about the name change, which was acted upon when the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act 857 was passed.

“After the passage of the act, all attempts have been made by the doctor anaesthetists through the MDC to have the name reversed,” a representative of the association said.

The association also stated that a copy of a draft amendment Bill “championed by the MDC on behalf of the Ministry of Health to changed the name from 'certified registered anaesthetists' to physician assistants anaesthesia' has been sighted.”

According to them, the development has “generated a state of unrest among the rank and file of our members in the country.”

The association also complained about the draft amendment's lack of regard for their carrier progression and the lack of management opportunities for its members.

Anaesthetists are known as advanced practice nurses who administer anaesthesia for surgery or other medical procedures.

They work in collaboration with surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, podiatrists and other professionals to ensure the safe administration of anaesthesia.

Anaesthesia is the administration of medication to allow medical procedures to be done without pain, and in some cases, without the patient being aware during the procedure.

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