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21.03.2019 Feature Article

Should The Ghanaian Media Demand A More Professional Approach To Safeguarding The Safety Of Our Republic - And Ensuring The Security Of The Citizenry?

Should The Ghanaian Media Demand A More Professional Approach To Safeguarding The Safety Of Our Republic - And Ensuring The Security Of The Citizenry?

One of the most egregious failings of the Ghanaian media, is that people in leadership positions, who fail our nation and its people, at critical moments in our history, are allowed to remain in office regardless - when the decent thing for them to do, is to resign from their positions, for moral reasons and as a matter of principle.

The question is: Should all appointees who fail Ghana's leader - who gave them the opportunity to serve Mother Ghana - not be obligated to resign from their positions on moral grounds? And is it not the duty of the more responsible sections of the Ghanaian media to demand their resignation whenever that critical need arises?

That those in charge of the safety of our Republic, and securing the well-being of the sovereign people of Ghana, and ensuring their security, are all still at post - despite the appalling events that took place in the vicinity of the La-Bawaleshie Presbyterian School polling station, on the day of the by-election in the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency (following the death of the then member of Parliament, the late Hon. Kyremateng Agyarko), took place - speaks volumes about the impunity high-level officials and presidential appointees operate with, because the media is failing Ghanaian society so terribly.

That unpardonable abomination ought to end - and it must end now. Not tomorrow. The plain truth is that our national security apparatus is a shambles and a disgrace to a democratic nation with high aspirations, such us ours. Ghanaians deserve better. Full stop. Definitely. Haaba.

Finally, as our humble contribution to kickstarting a national conversation about the need for a more professional approach to safeguarding the security of our country, and ensuring the safety of the ordinary citizens of Ghana, at all material times, today, we have culled and posted an article from the website of The Atlantic, entitled: "Americans Are Seeing Threats in the Wrong Places". It was written by a former U.S. Homeland Secretary, Janet Napolitano, in collaboration with Karen Breslau, whom she also co-authered the book, "How Safe Are We?: Homeland Security Since 9/11", with.

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