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Editorial | Jan 16, 2019

Never Again Should We Allow A Scam

By Daily Guide
Never Again Should We Allow A Scam

That a high-powered delegation is in Dubai in pursuance of matters related to the busted gold dealership Menzgold Company Limited is enough to scuttle the machinations of those accusing government of indifference in the matter.

What we can vouch for in this developing story is that government would not dip its hands in the public purse to compensate victims of the ponzi scam. Any attempt to the contrary should be resisted by the good people of this country. In any case, it is unthinkable under the political leadership of the country.

Ensuring, however, that appropriate investigations are undertaken on the subject and which we have no doubt is being done is something we laud government for.

With the delegation now in Dubai we wonder what those on the other side of the aisle would say about government's commitment to unraveling the circumstances surrounding the mother of all local scams in our country's history.

A few queries need to be addressed if we must avoid a future recurrence of this scam whose far-reaching implications would only be known in the months to come.

Now that the delegation is in Dubai it would be important that they find out just how Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM1 jumped bail.

A certain level of negligence or even connivance could have gone into his stealthy departure from the shores of the country.

Some persons' or even agencies' negligence or even connivance could have been responsible for the security discrepancy. It is unacceptable that the man at the centre of such a gargantuan scam can jump bail and nobody is being asked to explain why and how.

For us therefore the delegation should be able to achieve two objectives-arranging a possible repatriation of the fugitive, a tall order though and to establish just how he beat the system in his escape.

As a developing story, we expect to hear more as the days elapse. Even though the victims might have lost their investments given the turn of events, it behooves the state through the appropriate agencies to delve into the matter so that justice is delivered – the presence of the delegation in Dubai being evidence of this commitment.

Never again should vulnerable Ghanaians be exposed to the ploys of crooks who come in various colours to fleece them the way we saw in the matter under review.

It is our stance that had justice been delivered in the case of Pyram or even R5 and measures adopted to avoid a recurrence, we would have not returned to this page.

Even as we stand against government compensation, our hearts bleed for the extent of emotional devastation the scam has inflicted on families.

Let us stop politicizing issues and allow the law to take its course when breaches such as the Menzgold issue broke out. Had the Bank Of Ghana, the state regulator been heavy-handed at the time of the rush for the scam, some compatriots would have condemned such a necessary intervention.

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