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21.12.2018 Feature Article

The art of being naked

...Are you brave enough ?
The art of being naked

Adam and Eve were perfectly content being naked, until they felt that they were not enough and in their shame after eating the apple, decided to cover themselves up because they felt by covering up maybe they could be enough. Whether you believe in the bible or not, their story holds a lesson. A lot of people are afraid of being vulnerable and being fully themselves because they ashamed of who they are.

That's the only reason because if you feel totally confident and secured in yourself, why hide ? Regardless of what anybody would think, you would carry yourself, insecurities, weakness and strength with dignity because you are aware no human is perfect and love your body marks and all. It's a state hard to achieve because we buy into the false illusion that some how, the masks, clothes and different performances we put on will somehow hide who we are and make us the person we want to be.

Nevertheless you cannot fake it till you make it, you only get better at faking it till you loose touch with the one person, who will always accept you and always love you because even if you make them angry they cannot leave you. That's yourself. Only you can know yourself and love yourself fully on earth. The only one who can love you more is God ( if you believe in God).

You are a masterpiece, a miracle, one of a kind, custom made with a unique DNA. There is nothing to be ashamed of and you can always improve yourself. However you cannot grow if you cannot accept your strengths and weaknesses. When you are busy covering up, your weakness define you, instead of being something that can be worked on and changed. Some of you grew up with people who didn't like your vulnerable state and now you protect yourself, do not let petty people ruin your life experiences for you. Let go and realise you were always worthy of living life on your own terms and you are enough. People who cannot accept you, usually cannot accept their own nakedness. You being yourself is an eye sore to them because they are afraid of their own selves.

Being vulnerable allows you to be fully human. Stand up for yourself and your body. You look good naked, don't let anybody including yourself, body shame you into wearing clothes to hide who you are. I mean that metaphorically not physically.

Take a note from The Greatest Showman " Don't be scared to be seen, make no apologies" This you and " Know you deserve" love " there is nothing you're not worthy of." Take the masks and the clothes off and live. The right people will love and accept you as you are.

From someone who wants you to know life is too short to not be naked. Who deceived you and took away the blessing of life God has giving you and told you, you were naked. It's time to wave their lie a goodbye.

Tuntum Nahana Akosua

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Tuntum Nahana Akosua
Tuntum Nahana Akosua, © 2018

I am an Akyem and Akuapem. Who loves to write, learn, discuss politics and women's issues. I also love to read. I have an undergraduate degree in English literature and Creative Writing and a Masters in Creative Writing. Author column: AkosuaDarko

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