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Peter Suaka Writes: A Frog for Fish!

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Even when all the arguments they make is a complete thrush they are so resolute and intransigent.

Even when they have beaten logic, beaten common sense, beaten rationality, beaten traffic and swimming in insanity, they are still courageous in defense of the unrighteous!

Even when they are stripped naked by the mother professional body on whose labs the services of the baby drone will be nurtured. They still find the guts to parade the shallowest amongst their lots to throw tantrums at knowledge.

Ghanaians must be bold and reject the evil. We must speak the truth to power.

They never conducted any research about the basic health issues in our health facilities, yet they won't shut up and be tutored by knowledge, the GMA.

As for that grey-hairy man heading the GHS as the director general, I pray for his repentance. He must be reminded to stop abusing the nobility and dignity that comes with grey hair.

If Ghanaians can accommodate this broad-day-light thievery decorated in the shape and colors of what they called the fly zipline medical drone services, then we aren't seen the worse of Bawumiah and the NPP yet.

Ask and they will tell you they are the wisest, wiser than "Ananse" himself.

What I admire about them is that, they know no shame. They know no embarrassment. They are like the prostitute; they have their clients, they love them and they defend their course. They will steal, and when they are caught pants down, they shout the loudest to protect their booty and their clients.

We saw this in the KELNI GVG saga, the cash for seat saga, the movenpeena and the contaminated oil saga, the 170 missing premixed tankers saga, the ghc800,000 cost of website saga, the maneuvering and deliberate procurement breaches in the KENbond saga, the near useless 2.5billion GPS saga and now the fraudulent 12m dollar fly zipline medical drones saga.

Instead of expanding the health sector with physical infrastructure, such as expanding and upgrading Districts and Regional Hospitals to teaching hospitals and equipping them with logistics for effective health delivery, they do the expansion in the pockets and bank accounts of the privilege few.

This is the difference between social democracy and property owning democracy. You criticize them and you are handed a suspension letter like the Bindure shs headmaster, the eoco boss in the central region and many others.

Change indeed is good. Ghanaians can compare!

As if I'm watching a movie with the title, 24 MONTHS OF PROMISES. They promised their way into government and still wallow in promises with a little or no deliverables in twenty four months.

As if they are inflicted with dirrectionlessness, they rather deliver what they never promised, ie, green track shs, gold track shs, sole sourced virtual projects, single sourced virtual projects, luxury vehicular tax, short termist ad hoc NABCO, near collapse of the banking sector, massive job losses, gloomy human resources crises as predicted by the World Bank, unbearable fuel prices, embarrassing exchange rates, unreasonably increasing debt portfolio, one scandal after the other, blatant corruption and on and on and on.......

Continue reading! Show me the second yet to expire $1m dollars for your constituency. Eighteen days more to its expiration isn't it??

That is the NPP. They promise a fish and give a frog!!

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