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Church Services Are Simply Canaanite Entertainment!!

Church Services Are Simply Canaanite Entertainment!!
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Part I My dear reader, there is so much displayed of the sensual character and nature of Church services in Ghana where I live that make even casual observers, not to talk of critical minded people, see them as pure entertainment. However, for anyone to deem Church activity as being rooted in Canaanite culture and thus dictated by that power of antiquity, one must have such an understanding revealed to him by the Maker of Shamaym (Heavens) and HaArats (the Earth)!

The fact of Christian Church service being Canaanite entertainment is what the grace of the Most High One has led me to know which I’d like to share with my generation by this article. Before going on to establish that church activity is indeed begotten of, led and driven by Canaanite culture, however, let me first talk generally about what I understand “Church” to be and why church activity is so popular today; and so cheap to participate in by any fun-seekers!

You see, in my search for truth, I have grown to become very apprehensive of anything that is of common or popular human practice, behavior or belief. This is because it is easier and more comfortable for mankind to do evil things than good. And so, every popular human behavior always sets me thinking!

For example, I think about why very few men today bear full grown beards while the majority, on a daily basis, would religiously scrape off their beards first thing every morning after waking up from their night sleep! Such men seem oblivious of the fact that their beard hairs were made to grow [longer] by the power and will of the Creator while they slept; and that this was purposely done by the Creator for them for their own good and blessing!!

For, does the Creator do anything for His creation that is needless, unnecessary or superfluous; especially to man who He made in His image and likeness in order for him to function as His representative on Earth??

You may want to think a little more deeply about this popular human practice of beard shaving within the contexts of Vayakra (Leviticus?) 19:27 & 20:5 of the Thorah. These verses constitute laws which Ya’Oh (Yahuwah, Yahawah, Yahuah, Yahweh, Jehovah, God, etc.??) the Most High One demands for man to obey and live by. Please, also consider the substance of Luke 21:18 of even the English Bible in your thoughts.

I am also worried about why an overwhelming majority of men and women delight in unisex garbs, by their wearing of pairs of trousers, pants or slacks, as if seeking to nullify the distinction established by the Creator between the sexes by His approved dress code for the sexes? While seeking answers to this, please be guided by Dabaraym (Deuteronomy?) 22:5 of the Thorah!!

Furthermore, why are almost all of today’s Negro women infatuated with wearing non-Negro hairs—that are artificially made or are harvested from non-Negro women, dead or alive—on their heads, and thus, concealing or camouflaging through weave-on, wigs, and hair extensions, the natural hair given to them by their Maker? Why do almost all Negro women indulge in such weird and odd behavior, and yet nobody sees anything wrong in this??

Whenever I have become apprehensive of human behavior, I have often found out that people who indulged in popular and common (and thus ordinary and cheap) lifestyles ended up displeasing their Maker by their actions, except in the few situations when that popular behavior was mandated or approved by the Creator—Ya’Oh Ala’aym (Yahuwah Elohiym?).

And so, by permitting my apprehensions to be extended to the word “Church”, which is arguably the most popular English word all over the world, I have come upon some strange findings which I want to share with readers of this column through this article!

The word “Church” is a common English word that is known to almost all spiritually minded people of all religious persuasions—Satanists, Pagans, Buddhists, Muslims, Voodooists, Christians, etc. Even atheists know about “Church”, except that what they understand the word to mean may be unpalatable to others, especially Christians, who pride themselves as being the bona fide owners of the word!

Amazingly, despite their not knowing or ever considering the roots and origins of the word “Church”, every Christian today is very happy and comfortable in claiming to belong to “the Church”! By the word “Church”, all manner of Christians are lobed together as one people; for, there is no Christian who does not belong to “the Church”! It seems mandatory that, because all Christians believe in, hold allegiance to and also profess to belong to the name JESUS CHRIST, they must of necessity also belong to “the Church”.

So then, “the Church” and the words “JESUS CHRIST” have become synonymous to each other—if anyone belongs to one, the one must automatically belong to the other! Interestingly, even though “Church” and “Jesus Christ” are synonymous, it is not considered strange, odd, funny or even absurd to have all over the world a “Church of Jesus Christ” or “Church of Christ”, despite the obvious tautologies in such a naming nomenclature! But then, why is there never found a “Church of Church”; or is one to be so-named soon to come??

Paradoxically, the word “Church” is the cause of all the fragmentation that is clearly visible among Christians, despite they all having faith and a feeling of togetherness in and by it! It is not hard to see that the word “Church” breeds disunity!! For, it is the cause of the severe fragmentation of a body supposed to be established upon a common faith in a JESUS CHRIST, and affectionately called the Body of Christ which Christians are known to often refer themselves as belonging to!

You see, even though the word “Church” is used to describe an entire or universal body of believers in a JESUS CHRIST, it is also used to distinguish any small unit of this universal body! This allows each of these small units of the composite body to stand apart from one another according to their individual peculiar doctrines or teachings and practices, which vary from denomination to denomination! And yet, every one of the thousands of differing Christian denominations identifies itself in the world by the name “Church” while seeking to be one with all the others.

So then, based on the strong peculiarity of doctrine and beliefs of the differing denominations of Christians and their strong resolve and determination to stand uniquely from one another, there has come into being such groupings as: Methodist Church, Church of Christ, Apostolic Church, Charismatic Churches, Pentecost Church, Evangelical Church, Baptist Church, Musamo Disco Christo Church, Presbyterian Church, Church of God, etc., thus forming a huge conglomeration of bodies with differing names running into thousands! It seems to me that fragmentation and division are the bane of the Christian religion originating from the breakaway of Martin Luther from Papal authority and Roman Catholicism in 1517 CE!!

Interestingly, the physical building structure that is designated for the meetings of these denominations is also called “Church”. Exteriorly, these meeting places—“Churches”—display as many a varied architecture as there are descriptive names for them based on the differing beliefs and practices of their various congregants.

But of course, it is also very common to have these meeting places being referred to as Chapel, Temple, Cathedral, Basilica, etc. and made to look as grandiose as possible, to the extent that the human mind would permit for their design! But whether these meeting places are called by the names Chapel, Temple, Cathedral, Basilica, or Church, their values are the same, for they all must belong to “the Church” and JESUS CHRIST!!

Evolving from all of the foregoing are such English vocabulary and phraseology as the Orthodox Church, Mainline Churches, the Protestant Churches, the Breakaway Church, the defunct Church, the New Creation Church, Church property, the fourth century Church, St. Charles’ Church, Holy Ghost Church, the Synagogue Church, and so on and so forth; never ending names of man’s creation!

Further evolving from all of the foregoing are such descriptions as: my Church, our Church, their Church, her Church, this Church, that Church, which Church, in Church, from Church, etc., which seek to personalize the ownership of the already fragmented units of “the Church” to the mutual exclusion of all others and thus further fragment a so-called unique and whole body by these descriptions.

All in all, one could say “the Church” is the most amorphous body one can find of any people seeking spiritual uplifting according to the teachings of the English Bible! The Church is amorphous in its doctrine, practice of beliefs, name-tags, architectural designs of its meeting places, days that are deemed to be divinely designated for meetings, etc., etc.

All of this English-based nomenclature for “the Church”—a body whose membership supposedly contains only saved and holy mankind who are destined to live in the presence of their Maker someday—wrongly suggests the salvation message was first delivered by Ala’aym to English people in order for it to be taught to other nations.

But this is contrary to the revelation of even the English Bible that all Christians hold as being the authority to their beliefs and practices, which says that salvation is primarily of and for Ghabaraym (Hebrews??)—cf. Ya’OhKhanan (John?) 4:22!

It may thus seem that all these “Church” nomenclature, which are rooted in the English language, are irrelevant to the salvation of Ala’aym!!

Part II I am sure many may wonder with me why, if indeed the word Church were useful and holy, there exists so much confusion and disunity among “Church” faithful who still believe it as if the pure and unblemished Word of Ala’aym—and more so when all members of “the Church” think to consider the English Bible where the word “Church” emanates from ONLY towards its end [in the so-called New Testament] and not at its beginning as in the Tanakh (Old Testament??), as being an inspired and holy word from Ala'aym to mankind!!

But then, permit me to say that it is because of the wrongful acceptance of the English Bible by every Christian, supposing it to be the pure and unblemished Word of Ala’aym, which has kept them in a deception that “the Church” is holy and of, by, and from Ala’aym.

It is sad that, because the English Bible mentions “Church” and “Churches” in a total of 113 times in its pages and always in every instance portraying them as holy words, Christians have come to accept the word “Church” as such, ignorant of what it really portends for them!!

Let me advise all who read the English Bible to accept that it is, at its best, a mere translation of an original message that was delivered to mankind in Ghabaray by Ala’aym! Because the English Bible is a translation, none of its English words ever came out of the mouth of Ala’aym verbatim as English translators have sought to entice all readers, typically, of the “Red Letter Edition”, of their Bibles into believing!!

Be not deceived, the word “Church”, which is an English word, has never been uttered by Ala’aym; for YA’OH Ala’aym (Yahuwah Elohiym), the Most High One, only speaks Ghabaray aka Lashawan Qadash (Holy Tongue). This was the only language in existence on Earth during the Pre-Flood and pre-Babal (Babel?) era until what confusion over a tower-building project arose after the Flood of Nakh (Noah) to bring about all the languages we know on Earth today.

This pure and holy language by which Ala’aym uttered words to create the universe is, today, sadly non-existent on Earth! Though now lost on mankind as a result of sin, it is this language of creation that is today always referred to as Paleo Ivrit or Ancient Hebrew by students of the scriptures.

Happily, a promise of Ala’aym according to His word in TsafanYA’OH (Zepheniah??) 3:9 is that this holy tongue will be restored in coming years. This promise to restore Ghabaray to mankind seems to have stirred up research and study of it today by many woolly textured hair and black skin complexioned Negro people, who are the true descendants of Abram (Abraham), and whose ancestors were once upon a time the sole custodians and users of this holy language even well after the tower of Babal confusion, towards its return and fulfilment of prophecy!

Since the word “Church” neither came to mankind from Ala’aym in Shamaym (Heaven?) nor did He mandate any translators to come up with it, it must be obvious to all that “Church” is purely man-made and thus only earthly in all its meaning and value; and is thus bound to perish someday together with all man-made or earthly things that are scheduled by Ala’aym for destruction someday!

In fact, the word “Church” was, through trickery, supplied to salvation seekers by their fellow men via a rather circuitous route and thus destined to get defunct forever someday! These tricky men were like all others just flesh and blood; and so, like all man-made products their words cannot live forever!!

You see, the Greek word, “ekklesia”, found in the Greek “version” of the so-called New Testament of the Bible marked the beginning of the coming of the word “Church” into the faith of salvation seekers.

Ekklesia is taught to mean “the called out ones” in reference to a group of people said or thought to be called out of the teeming populations of the world who are taught [misled] to believe in the name JESUS CHRIST as the one whom YA’OH has appointed to save mankind from sin-power and Satan.

Well, this meaning to ekklesia may seem good and harmless, but then, did Ala’aym ever mention or reveal the word “ekklesia” or the English words JESUS CHRIST in reference to any people He ever called or intends to ever call to be a part of Him? No, and never!

In fact, if indeed the entire so-called New Testament of the English Bible was first written in Greek, as most theologians and students of the English Bible teach, then the entire New Testament was never derived from Ala’aym since He only speaks in Ghabaray whenever He wishes to inspire and order His servants to write His word!

And yet, in order to force the issue that the word ekklesia came from Ala’aym, an entire Earth has for close to two millennia been deceived to think that the New Testament of the English Bible was originally delivered to mankind by Ala’aym and that He inspired its writing in Greek!

Well, today, it is now proven that whatever is called the New Testament was never delivered to mankind by Ala’aym in Greek since Ala’aym will never speak any of the post-Babal tongues of Earth nor use any of them for his benefit!!

Later on, when this forged or fictitious Greek “version” of a so-called New Testament was desired to be translated into Latin, the focus of translators whittled from “ekklesia” being used in reference to some peculiar group of people (who were supposed to have been called out of a populous world to live a peculiar lifestyle that was ordained for them to live by Ala'aym Himself) to physical amphitheaters or auditoria that were common in Greece and the then Roman-controlled world in which these “called out people or ekklesia” usually held their meetings!

The history of Latin people vividly portrays their entertainment culture in indoor amphitheaters and in open air “stadia”. This history also tells of a type of an indoor entertainment involving humans displaying with tamed animals such as tigers, lions, elephants, snakes, monkeys, etc., in performances to viewers who were usually seated in a circular or semi-circular arrangement.

The circularity associated with this entertainment—both in the seating of spectators and movement of the displaying animals and their handlers, and in open air stadia for such events as horse races—led people to refer to both the event and the structure of the place where the event took place, together, as “circe” which is the word in Latin meaning circle or circular.

Interestingly, the word “circe”, which was pronounced as “chirche” by Latin people together with the type of indoor entertainment associated with it, eventually got adapted and popularized by Anglo-Saxons and other westerners to evolve into the popular entertainment termed “circus” of yesteryears!!

And so, this same word “chirche”, which had previously given birth to “circus”, was carried almost raw and wholesale by translators of a Latin “version” of a so-called New Testament into their English “version” as “Church” derived from chirche, kirke or kirk as a mark to their rebirth from their Dark Ages! And thus has “Church” stuck with mankind onto this day!

So then, the unholy roots of the word “Church” do not make whatever it is thought to be today, anything holy and of or from Ala’aym!! In fact, the unholy relation of the word Church to sensual heathen entertainment in the circus of yesteryears has forever demonized the word “Church”, thus rendering it valueless and detrimental to any people who relate to it in supposing [wrongly] that those who belong to it have been set apart as holy people from among the sinners of the Earth by the Most High One Himself!!

Anyone reading this article who might have also read the immediate past one of this column may begin to see a direct link between the circus-style entertainments instituted by Canaanitish people of yesteryears and Church services today as I reveal them here in this article. Now, this should not be surprising since the originators of Christianity were known Canaanites!!

Maybe, readers will want to read that article if they never did. It was was titled A Simple Proof: Christianity is a Deception and has the internet link

In that article, the origin of Christianity is credited to the children of Kanaan (Canaan??) and therein also it is revealed how they invented it by trickery and impersonation.

In order to invent Christianity, the descendants of Kanaan had to impersonate and present themselves to mankind as being the true children or descendants of the house of Abram, that is, YA’OHsharal (Israelites??)!

Now, since it is known for many millennia that the only people on Earth to ever have lived in a covenant relationship with YA’OH, a covenant that was never to change from an Old to New one, are the children of YA’OHsharal and no other, how then may any descendants of Kanaan be true in their claims of being in some [new] covenant with YA’OH!!

Part III My article under reference revealed that a certain people of the offspring of Kanaan concocted and produced from a mix of the Ghabaray and Yiddish languages to evolve into the Modern Day Ivrit or Hebrew of today, the words brit and ish meaning “covenant” and man respectively, by which they call themselves British in order to forge a certain false identity as “covenant man” in “Brit-ish” in a so-called covenant they claim to have been cut with YA’OH for them to lead mankind into it!!

Afterwards, these forgers managed to deceive the whole Earth that they are [now] become the new people in a New Covenant with YA’OH in order to replace an Old Covenant that had been established between YA’OH and YA’OHsharal!! Sadly, an entire Earth has believed these forgers and impersonators for far too long a time as have been living in a fake so-called New Testament!

Now, as is commonly known, the Tanakh (Old Testament of the English Bible??) reveals the history of the true set apart people of Ala’aym who are known as YA’OHsharal and are the true children of Abram of the lineage of Sham (Shem??) and of Nakh (Noah??).

The Tanakh also reveals how the arch enemies of YA’OHsharal known to be the descendants or the children of Kham (Ham??), some of whom are known as the Canaanites in the English Bible, always sought to dissuade them (YA’OHsharal) from the holy ways of Ala’aym by enticing or baiting them to join them (Canaanites) to celebrate their feasts, celebrations or entertainments in honor of their deities or gods!

The extent to which Canaanitish people succeeded in their bait of YA’OHsharal to join them in their evil ways and the consequent lamentations by some holy leaders of the house of YA’OHsharal about the successes of these Canaanites can be read from Bamidbar (Numbers??) 25:1-18 and Azra (Ezra) 9:1-3, 10-14.

Today, the hotbed of Church activity is among the people in Afrikka living south of the Sahara. Interestingly, this spatial domain swarms of the children of YA’OHsharal who migrated there from their inheritance in today’s Middle East in their flight from Roman wars around 70 CE.

This flight of the house of YA’OHsharal was controlled by Ala’aym in order for them to congregate in one location, typically, West Afrikka, where being checked by the Gulf of Guinea from further advancing forward, and deeming it unreasonable to go backwards on their trajectory of flight from their Canaanitish enemies, they had to stay put in such places as today’s Ghana, so as to later on be moved by ships in the inglorious Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of the 15-19th centuries.

All these occurrences were bound to happen towards the fulfilment of the word of Masha (Moshe? Moses??), as recorded in Dabaraym 28:68, if the house of YA’OHsharal ever broke the covenant YA’OH cut with their fathers on their behalf.

You see, the trans-Atlantic slave trade was bound to happen in order to bring fulfilment of the word of Ala’aym in Dabaraym 28:15-68 of the Thorah and to eventually give evidence and proof by its fulfilment as to who the true children of YA’OHsharal are and where they are located in today’s Earth where ignorance, deception and confusion abound.

So then, it had to happen that the very first people who came with ships to take slaves from West Africa to the Americas were the same Canaanites who the house of YA’OHsharal had been contending with since the wars of conquest under the leadership of YA’OHshai (Joshua, Oshea??), the successor of Masha, after their arrival in the land of Kanaan from their liberation from bondage in Matsraym (Egypt??).

It is now common knowledge that the name of the first ship that came to take slaves from present day town of Edina (Elmina) in Ghana to the West was called MV JESUS and that it was under the command of Canaanites of Portuguese stock who were all adherents to the Christianity which their Canaanite forebears fabricated through forgery and camouflage of their own original true [eternally cursed] identity arising from the curse of Kanaan!

The atrocities committed by slave raiders, buyers and shippers were all aimed at wiping out of the Earth the entire house of YA’OHsharal the holy seed of Abram. Therefore, the raids and sexual assaults against women of the seed of Abram were all intended to eventually do away with this seed, either by killing this seed or permanently polluting its blood line through corrupt sexual unions, in order to render the entire house of YA’OHsharal unfit for use by and to Ala’aym!

Sadly, this evil intent of Canaanitish people against the house of YA’OHsharal has continued to be carried out to date, even after a legal abolition to the 400-year long slavery of the past, since almost ALL Black skin complexioned people who also sport woolly textured hair on their heads, and are thus the true descendants of Abram and of the house of YA’OHsharal are ignorant of this plan of Canaanitish people against them.

The most effective way and lethal means towards corrupting the seed of YA’OHsharal has, however, been through the Christian religion, the so-called orthodox medicine of today, western secular education, dietary habits and so-called modern lifestyles of Goyim (Gentile) people, typically those of Canaanitish stock, that are plainly anti-Thorah but have been sold out or even often given out freely as baits to the house of YA’OHsharal to lure them into the anti-Thorah life-supping and killer lifestyles of Canaanites!

The result of this is that the identity of the house of YA’OHsharal is no longer visible on Earth, since it seems to have been wholly and fully assimilated into Canaanitish culture and general lifestyle. As the house of YA’OHsharal seems to have lost its unique history, identity, culture and lifestyle to Canaanitish people, it is generally rumored all over Earth that the house of YA’OHsharal is lost on Earth or has become extinct!

You see, the Canaanites of today are still peeved by the deaths of their ancestors at the hands of the house of YA’OHsharal and are determined to avenge them. These Canaanites of today know who the true children of the house of YA’OHsharal are and thus can target them in their desire to avenge the deaths and war defeats of their ancestors at the hands of YA’OHsharal; this time, not by waging wars of conquest but rather through conquests of the mind by brainwashing their enemies with lies and deception while acting as if they were friends or partners!

Sadly, the house of YA’OHsharal today who are of the stock of Black skin complexion and woolly textured hair as crown for their heads, seem to have utterly lost knowledge of who they are in history and of their unique identity as the people of YA’OH who were once the ONLY people in covenant with Him, and, are thus become mincemeat for these Canaanites of today who have an agenda against them!

These Canaanites in setting off in this agenda of theirs to get even with the house of YA’OHsharal have aimed at stirring up the sensualities in them through worldly celebrations or feasts that only have the content of appealing to the flesh nature of mankind, as was the case in the days of the circus.

The Christian feasts of Pentecost, Easter, Christmas, New Year, etc., and of SunDay church services are all alien to the true children of YA’OHsharal since they cannot be found in the Thorah because they are all purely Canaanite in origin to spice Christianity. These Canaanite feasts replace such feasts like Pasakh (Good Friday/Easter??) and Shavuot (Pentecost??) that are instituted by YA’OH for observance by the children of YA’OHsharal at fixed times and dates of the year which are completely different in time and mode of celebration from those that characterize the unholy feasts of Christians.

I can therefore confidently say that “the Church”, Christians, Christianity and the phantom of deception called JESUS CHRIST (that remains unproven as anyone who was ever born into any human genealogy) have been fused together to erect the huge statute of idolatry that has filled the Earth and become offensive to YA’OH Ala’aym—cf. DanYAla (Daniel??) 4:31-45—and so, will soon be crushed by the power of the Most High One into powder and blown out of sight!!

For, ever since “the Circus” evolved into “the Church”, begotten through “Chirche” or “kirke”, “the Church” has lived true to its original nature, “the Circus”, and still functions as a place for paid entertainment for comfortably seated people who pay for services rendered in cash offerings, donations and tithes in amounts depending on where one is seated in proximity to all the action that takes place on an “altar”!

And as is known, no word of unholy root such as circus can beget any tree or fruit such as Church in order for it to be thought to be holy for human usage!!

I am scared knowing that after the evolution of “circe” to “circus” to “chirche” and to “Church” the next in line of all things will be a judgment of YA’OH to have fire and brimstone rained from Shamaym upon any sinners of mankind. And so, while I breathe, I will always write to warn people of my generation of this coming catastrophe!

Dear reader, aren’t you too scared?? If you are, why don’t you join hands with me in order for us to warn mankind of this fallacy and deception going by the name Christianity??

Shalawam. The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Tabal-YA’OH Ban Ab-YA’OH, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBaYTh YA’OHSharal (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is: [email protected].

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