Cameroons: Ambazonia Is World's Youngest State

Feature Article Cameroons: Ambazonia Is World's Youngest State
JUL 3, 2018 LISTEN

With sheer willpower and dogged determination, ragtag Ambazonia restorationist forces are dragging better trained and equipped Cameroon troops into the abyss, another Waterloo in modern warfare.

President Paul BIYA of Cameroun declared war on “terrorists and secessionists” of the self declared Federal Republic of Ambazonia, on the tarmac of the Yaounde Nsimalen International airport, while returning from drilling in Europe.

It would seem, in hindsight, BIYA did not quite appreciate the magnitude of the error he made. Intelligence agencies failed to collate information to help policymakers to determine how best to maintain the unity and oneness of the Cameroons. Betrayal of opinion leaders took precedence over understanding of their points of view.

Consequently, Cameroon government missed the truth.

It became clear that after 57 years of exploitation and assimilation, the Anglophones of the Southwest and Northwest were ready for FREEDOM, manifested in the massive movement of people across the land on 22 September 2017. On this day, hundreds of thousands of Ambazonians defied threats to March with olive branches through out their perceived territory.

The sheer numbers, candour and determination of those marching would have informed keen observers that this was not the type of train that lost steam midway. No amount of brute force and savage decapitation would deprive the movement of leadership and direction. The direction is INDEPENDENCE.

Now that this direction leading to independence has crystallized on the minds of the myopic political ball gazers, would they command the magnanimity to declare a cease-fire and negotiate a peaceful retreat from Ambazonia?

Let me repeat that those BIYA had the guts to describe as terrorists and secessionists are the most patriotic of Cameroonians. The Ambazonians, Fru NDI and all Anglophone elites included, are convinced of their independence this August. It is for their oppressors to determine how to withdraw from an immoral war. BIYA and his agents are the terrorists. He is the one who seceded from the bogus unitary state in 1984 by renaming the country Republic of Cameroun.

Self defence groups have mushroomed through out Ambazonia. They are going block by block and routing the superior numbers and trained regular soldiers of the Cameroun army. Reinforcements of the Cameroun troops is reported on the ground. The French soldiers are alleged to be on the ground fighting with German shepherds and repeating scorched earth policy razing villages in Kom.

At this point of the crisis, it is evident that Cameroun would not win the war BIYA declared months back.

The Northwest and Southwest regions of the Cameroons have been ungovernable and now the armed forces are losing the ground. Ambazonia defence forces are posturing to transport the fighting from their territory right into Cameroun, if only to stop them from burning their villages and killing unarmed civilians. They have actually attacked a gendarmerie post in Pendaboko, across the River Mungo, which acts as the physical boundary between Ambazonia and Cameroun, in the Southern zone.

Now that France has entered the war, it might just be the right invitation to chase them out of Africa, following the example of the Rwandans, and the Tunisians and Algerians before them.

Cameron’s real problem is France and not President BIYA. BIYA is today irrelevant to the Anglophone problem. France is the real problem. Would the Francophones take the clue and join their Anglophone neighbours in chasing France out of Africa?

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