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24.08.2005 Health

Ghanaian women advised to stop bleaching


The Managing Director of House of Jude Cosmetics-Ghana, Mr. Bernard Annoh has urged Ghanaian women to stop applying cosmetics that contains bleaching substances on their skins. He said most of the cosmetics on the market contain hydroquinone and alcohol which cause havoc to the human skin.

Speaking to the press at the opening of Radiant Glow Cosmetics Show room in Accra, Mr. Annoh noted that a lot of African women ignorantly apply such cosmetics on their skin. He therefore urged them to use the cosmetics that contain natural ingredients capable of restoring the natural beauty of their skin than causing havoc to them. He said Radiant Glow cosmetics are among the best cosmetics that contain natural ingredients meant to protect the human skin and give it a unique beauty.

The aim of introducing these products into the African market, he said, is to educate African women on the dangers of bleaching.

Radiant Glow cosmetics are manufactured by Radiant Glow Botanical Company base in the United Kingdom. The cosmetics consist of a synergistic combination of natural ingredients that fight against skin blemishes and rejuvenate the human skin.

Natural ingredient such as tea tree, infused wild crafted herbs, witch hazel, aloe vera, vitamin E, sugarcane extract, lactose, mushroom extract, citrus extract and goat milk are contained in the Radiant Glow cosmetics.