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22.03.2018 Feature Article

Balking At Bourdillon's Banditry

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"How can Nigeria's most sophisticated state be one man's personal slave plantation since 1999?"

- Pius Adesanmi There is nothing that has a beginning that would not have an end. No matter how long hard times endure, it must certainly come to an end. The people of Osun State have been crawling through a long dark tunnel at the end of which they expected a shining light. And they are eagerly looking forward to it. But the bandits from Bourdillon are trying to ensure that there would not be any light, shining or not, at the end of this dreary tunnel. The ABAT LLC neocolonialists are trying to frustrate the hope of Osun people to be free from economic and political bondage.

Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola , the Bourdillon's Ajélè in Òshogbo,, the redoubtable anchor of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu mercantilist politics in Osun State, the ABAT LLC, is also in charge of the Alimosho branch of the plundering political merchants. He is actively planning and scheming to install fellow stooges across the political landscape of Osun State. Like his mentor ensconced in the cranny of Bourdillon, Aregbesola is trying to turn Osun State into his personal fiefdom and a vassal of Bola Ahmed Tinubu's ABAT LLC.

Most importantly, he is determined to install a lap dog in Bola Ige House to cover his noxious tracks of the last eight years. They reportedly mortgaged Osun State to finance the Buhari 2015 campaign to the tune of several billions of naira and allow our children to go hungry. Aregbesola believes he could get away with it. He does not think the people of Osun have the will and the mobilization ability to stop him. He still gallivants the length and breadth of Osun State with the stagnant mentality that the Osun people are fools, docile and acquiescent. He is convinced beyond possibility that the Osun people could be pushed around. Yes, he believes in their diction of ridicule that Òsúngò!

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Don't give it."

- Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady, USA. "Òsúngò" is the appellation given to the people of Osun State by Ogbeni Aregbesola and his rapacious pillagers inspired by the political dealers headquartered in Bourdillon. Òsúngò denoted and still denotes how easier it had been to fool and loot the State of Osun. Òsúngò is the diction of bantering in the Lagos bars, clubs and "social" gatherings of these leeches. It is the language of the Bourdillon bandits of carpetbaggers and scallywags.

The people of Osun State should have learnt their lessons by now. It is time to shake off ridicule. It is time to shake off humiliation. It is time to shake off slavery. It is time to shake off misery. It is time to shake off exploitation. It is time to shake off shame. It is time to shake off Bourdillon. It is is time to shake off bondage. It is time to be free. From the wells of Bourdillon, nothing good could come forth to quench their thirst for freedom and democracy.

In attaining this goal, the people of Osun should critically and clinically, assess their situation and determine if on the balance, their lots are better in the last eight years. They should be able to do a comparative analysis of the days of yore and the days of Bourdillon. They should be able to assess their fortunes and misfortunes during the era of the Bourdillon bandits. They should consider their options very well. They have the power to end their misery in the slavery of Bourdillon.

Do they want to continue to die so that phantom infrastructures could be used as avenues to fleece Osun state? Do they want to continue to go hungry, without their wages and salaries while Bourdillon contractors continue to get fully paid to their children's detriment? Do they want to continue to be unable to pay their rents while the Bourdillon bandits live in mansions built with Osun money in Lagos? Do they want to be humiliated in their inability to pay the school fees of their children while the children of the Bourdillon bandits attend Schools in Europe and America?

The 2018 Election in Osun State is a very critical one. It is a critical one in the sense that it could signal the elongation of the miseries of the last eight years or the stoppage of the enslavement of the people by the Bourdillon locusts. The election would define the reality of the people of the State as those angling to be free or those reveling in the comfort of bondage. It is an election that would showcase whether the people of Osun are truly and actually "foolish" as derisively characterised by the Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola's crowd and their godfathers in Bourdillon.

The supporters of these political merchants often vaunt the so- called "infrastructure development". They insisted that this has been "the best in Osun State History." They refuse to acknowledge the cost to lives and social dislocation that the so called "infrastructure development" has caused. They refuse to admit to the bogus costs of the vaunted development that has thrown the State into unprecedented debts. They believe their own lies and deceit. They are marinated in the odious pool of false propaganda, swimming like vicious vindictive vermin

At the cost of constructing roads, people are dead and are still dying in Osun State. People are hungry. Families are emaciated and are barely surviving when they are not dead. Aregbesola and his crowd have refused to tell us if all the roads and new schools being built are for the dead or the ghosts. Aregbesola and his fellow Tinubuists, the scallywags in Osun State, have not told us whether the so called schools are meant to be orphanages for those who have lost their parents for non - payment of salaries, wages, pensions and gratuities.

The first order of any government is the WELFARE of the people. It is the well being of the public and the electorate in a democracy. All policies must be geared towards the happiness of the people. Government policy must engender the well being of the critical mass. Any policy of any Government that causes woes for the people ought to, should and must be questioned. It must as of necessity be interrogated. Any such policy must be investigated and examined and rejected if it fails, as in this case, to meet the littlest of all expectations of the people - their well being.

Inebriated with arrogance permeated with vacuous righteous indignation that is permeated by pretentious intellectuality propped by parlous moral authority, they draped in the tapestry of negativity, entitled wages, salaries, pensions and gratuities as "stomach infrastructures." While these Bourdillon bandits eat well and feed their own families, fly around in private jets, send their children abroad and live opulently and conspicuously, they blackmail the civil servants, the teachers and the pensioners and other employees in Osun State for seeking "stomach infrastructures" for merely asking to be paid for their sweat.

Developments, infrastructural or any other, are desired by the people so that their lives could be improved not that their lives could be lost. Developments are desired by the people so that their lots could be better, not that their lives could be destroyed. The Bourdillon bandits played on our desires for development to invade us and exploit us. The Bourdillon political merchants exploited our aspirlations to give us frustration and humiliation. The Bourdillon bandits took advantage of our goodwill and pay us back with ill - will.

The Bourdillon bandits did not just come to loot the resources of Osun State under the garb of developing our infrastructures but they came to shatter the serenity and the peace of our State. They came to dislocate our social stability and destroy our communality. They drove wedges to divide our communities and created religious division that were hitherto not there for ephemeral political gains. The Bourdillon bandits poisoned the river of unity and cooperation that flowed through the length and breadth of Osun State.

Osun State that had hitherto been a fantastic example of religious harmony was turned into a potpourri of religious tension, attrition and contention. Several matters that were non issues were brought to the front burner to create divisions for political ends, thereby turning brothers, sisters, families and friends against each other. The Bourdillon bandits in Osun State anchored by Rauf Aregbesola were devilish, duplicitous and diabolical.

Children became agonised as they watch the miseries of their parents who anguished on school fees and feeding money. The children were jigged into realities of poverty and want. They were jerked into realities, that playing by the rules and working hard have not sufficed for their parents in our Osun State. As students, they became wanderers and lost interests in education. And it showed in the down sliding of their performances scale.

Concomitant to the destruction of our education was the destruction of our heritage as in our schools. Fakunle Comprehensive High School, the pride of Oshogbo and Osun State is gone with the Bourdillon winds. Our Ilesa Grammar School is now a ghost of its old glory. Fatima College, Ikire now a gory site. Baptist High School, Ede now in gross condition. Several great Schools across Osun are the throes of ignominy. History, heritage and tradition have been dumped down the drain. Some of us would not be able to point out to the great schools we attended for our children. Sad.

Aregbesola destroyed the Party called APC in Osun State, making its members miserable, frustrated and angry. His high-handedness has been unprecedented. He believes only in his own foolishness in his illusions of wisdom. No one else knows anything where he is concerned. It has always been his way or the highway. Marinated in the cacophony of sycophancy, he still believes in his own popularity rather than nauseating notoriety. He, unmitigatedly, malevolently meanders to a marimba inspired macabre dance.

It is time to put a stop to this nonsense. It is time to put an end to this Bourdillon inspired misery. This suffering must come to an end for our people. This gnashing of teeth must come to an end for Osun State. It is not just enough to wipe off the tears, an end must be put to the shedding of the tears. It is time to chase out the "crazy bald heads" of Bourdillon away from Osun State.

It is up to the derided people of Osun State to ensure that any candidate that has any string whatsoever with Bourdillon via Aregbesola in Osun State is dead on arrival. They should make it clear that they are not prepared to give their consent to being made inferior. It is time to break free from Tinubu's mercantilist politics of destruction. It is time to end Bourdillon's politics of enslavement and deceit. It is time to liberate Osun State. It is time to free Osun State from the bondage of Bourdillon and it's bandits.

God, please, help us as we help ourselves. Amen. "In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility - I welcome it.

-John F. Kennedy Please, follow me on Twitter @Oyeyemiremi

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