Study Abroad Has Been Made Easy With

By Daniel Benin || Oheem Media
Education Study Abroad Has Been Made Easy With
JAN 30, 2018 LISTEN

A portal designed to help prospective international students better access admission opportunities abroad and eliminate the hassle they go through while trying to find a place to study abroad has been launched at the University of Ghana Legon.

The team that came together to create have all embarked on a study abroad journey in the past.

This gives them a unique insight into what students in Africa could potentially face when they are searching for their dream study destination.

The team has decided to make the experience more interesting and accessible, through

130201840922whatsappimage20180129at06.28.53.jpeg is meant to give prospective international students or parents chance to register on the platform and upload their required document while more than 500 institutions on the platform will see the student’s profile and will be able to invite the student to submit a full application.

The platform is completely free for students. Countries students can apply to are, USA, UK, France, Germany, Malaysia, Turkey, Spain, Australia, Canada etc. is currently operating in four different countries in Africa. They are Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

The CEO of Worldview International Group, Mr. Folabi Obembe, observed at the launch that the platform is a bright new way of finding a place to study abroad for Africans.

According to him, the decision to study abroad by students can be a daunting one because of the numerous rigors they are put through while trying to apply.

“The accelerating use of technology represents a fundamental change in how businesses are conducted in today’s world. We have seen the likes of UBER changing transportation industry; Airbnb has significantly reduced the numbers of people staying in hotels, while the social media revolutionise our today’s communication world, but the question is whether technology has changed the way student apply to institutions abroad because this tends to be dominated by so called recruitment agent, who charge student consultancy fee and visa counselling fee. It doesn’t make sense for student to pay for getting admission when this can done at the leisure of their house and at no cost to them and their parents,” he said.

“With, we eliminate the guesswork that comes with trying to figure out which location or institution offers the course you intend to study. The Platform will of course save you the hassles of reading through different institutions website while admission officers in your chosen destination would have reviewed your profile before sending you an invitation to apply. This means if you make a complete application, you will be accepted to your chosen course,” he added.