19.05.2005 General News

GDF Statement on the recent GaDangbe Youth demo

By GaDangme Foundation (UK)
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Ga Traditional Council, Dangme East and Dangme West Traditional Councils GaDangme Council, GaDangme Youth Council, The Press in Ghana, The Internet Forum, All Chairmen: GDF (UK) Constituent Groups To all concerned:

Recently, there had been controversy by the demonstration on the 26th April, 2005, by the GaDangme Youth, supported by a number of Elders of the Ga Traditional Council, as well as some senior members of the GaDangme Council, which ensured that the demonstration remained orderly, disciplined, peaceful and focussed.

It was clear that the demonstration was to highlight the deplorable plight and condition of the GaDangme people; namely, abject poverty, marginalisation, lack of opportunity and alienation in their own homeland.

We have been inundated by requests for support or comment on the state of affairs. We take this opportunity to clarify our position regarding our aims and aspirations, and furthermore, offer our comments directly on the situation.

The Executive Committee of the GaDangme Foundation (UK) had met to consider the press release of the Acting President of the Ga Traditional Council, which was issued following the demonstration and its implications to both the people and the region, in terms of our heritage, lands, culture, language, progress and prosperity of the area.

We hope that: · This statement will dispel the recent accusation directed at us of funding unrest.

· Furthermore, that this statement will help to re-affirm our position, and thus, leave no room for misunderstanding of our actions.

With this statement we extend warm greetings to the Ga Traditional Council, the GaDangme Council, and all in the GaDangme Youth Association for all that you do for GaDangme. We hope that with self-restraint and clarity of purpose, aims and actions, no outside individual or organisation may unduly influence or manipulate the situation for their own ends or purpose in a way inimical to the interests of all GaDangme people.

For and on behalf of the GaDangme Foundation (UK).

Publicity and Public Relations Officer.

A statement of position regarding GaDangme Foundation (UK) and Statement regarding the GaDangme March on the 26 April 2005

1: The GDF (UK) position: short, medium and long term

We perceive Ghana as a continuing Entity within the West African and African context.

As an entity it can only function at its optimum if and only if all its components are each viably performing their natural / allotted functions.

Taking the human body as an example; this means allowing adequate supply of life sustaining flow of blood and necessary oxygen to each organ. It is then and only then can it function to enable and enhance the functioning of the Body as a whole.

GaDangme (UK) is fully aware that its culture, language, traditions and assets are dying to the detriment of the nation Ghana as a whole.

Energies need and are being currently directed to achieve the reversal of this demise. It is not secession, it is not political; it is positive resuscitation for the benefit of our nation, Ghana as a whole.

The effective contribution of one component enables the better functioning of the whole.

2: GaDangme Foundation (UK) position regarding GaDangme Demonstration in Accra on the 26 April 2005

The GDF is very much aware of the valid frustrations that resulted in the Demonstrations that took place in Accra on the 26 April 2005.

The courage and self- restraint exercised by the participants is laudable. For the young and old to travel from near and afar to demonstrate their immense concern is certainly the conviction required for positive changes.

The Foundation is also very appreciative of the way the Police and the other Authorities handled the situation to prevent any escalations.

It transpires that the Government was aware and steps were being taken to undo the wrong. This unfortunately was not widely known at the time. Better awareness in the future will certainly help.

We regret the apparent difference in opinion that appears to have emerged between the Ga Traditional Council on one hand and the Youth and the GaDangme Council on the other.

This is not necessary since all three organisations are aspiring to achieve the same aim: the development / emancipation of the GaDangme Region in the context of Ghana as a single nation with its growing democratic Institutions.

The Foundation is aware of the important role of The Ga Traditional Council in the Ghanaian society. Equally the foundation recognizes the formation of the GaDangme Council as good fortune and a necessary instrument of change. In the view of the Foundation the two institutions need to work hand in hand to the benefit of our beloved Ghana as a whole, and that is what we would like to see.

The Foundation will therefore do all it can and work assiduously to seek ways of helping to create understanding and a civil atmosphere, between the traditional elders, the Youth and the GaDangme Council, wherein all sections of the GaDangme community can work effectively for our development and progress.

We will therefore see future activities as consensus derived actions by these various organisations with clearly stated aims so that no action taken at any time is open to misinterpretation or manipulation by others.

The Foundation reiterates its position as a non political, non partisan and development focussed entity that utilises all its energies to foster the progress of its people as a viable entity within the nation state of Ghana.

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