Thu, 02 Jul 2015 Feature Article



Someone has said, "Politics and religion are strange bedfellows." Time has come for Evangelical Christians to review their biblical or Christian worldview and live accordingly. In the impending general elections of 2016, Evangelical believers are to cast their votes for the presidency and the congress based on their Christian worldview. They are to watch out for candidates who come with fanciful and tantalizing rhetoric but in reality, they are deceptive. The push for Gay Marriage and the rule from SCOTUS for its legitimacy and implementation in all fifty states should serve as a wakeup call to Evangelical Christians to examine carefully and prayerfully where each candidate stands. My suggestion is that you should not vote for any candidate whose manifesto is in conflict with the Christian worldview. Some will feign their loyalty to Christ. Therefore, pray for the spirit of discernment to make the right choice before you cast your vote. We are not advocating theocracy but we are hoping for godly leaders who would not dismantle traditional marriage and ensure good policies. May God help America in particular and the world in general.