23.04.2015 Feature Article

Cry South Africa!

Cry South Africa!
23.04.2015 LISTEN

Cry South Africa
Where Madiba
Clothed himself in ancestral garment
And vanished into saintly abode
Where he can only watch
The slumbering kings
Sit on stolen stools
And eat human flesh
And wash down their throats
With blood
Gouged from black fellows!

Cry South Africa
Where venom is godly
And godliness is sinful
And life is raped
Of its virtues
That once upon a time
Held Ubuntuland like
Africa’s broom
Picked up in singles
And bundled up as one!

Cry South Africa
Where cannibals
Toast and bake fellows flesh
Under Rainbow Rays
And eat the forbidden delicacy
With delightful agony
Whilst chickens; goats and pigs…
Gallivant with pride
Only to turn at us
And wave a poor bye-bye

Cry South Africa!

Adama Bukari.
01:13 CET
Somewhere in Europe

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