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Ghana: Land Of Tears

Ghana: Land Of Tears

“Mother, I am hungry and I cannot eat the dry soil of our Motherland Ghana,” said Joshua crying to his starving mother.

Motherland Ghana is blessed with all imaginable natural resources in abundance. Gold and diamonds have been excavated for generations, manganese, bauxite, gas and crude oil have recently been discovered and taken out of the soil for human consumption.

Mostly industrialized countries enjoy at low prices the benefits Ghana has to offer mankind. They use the natural resources of Ghana to produce machineries and finished products to sell at high costs to Buyers around the world as well as back to the country the raw material originally was coming from, Motherland Ghana.

Ghana was entrusted to use the natural resources wisely to be a strong force in this world. When someone takes something out from the soil and uses it, the time will come nothing will be left and Ghana will be an empty place on which the former business partners will turn their back.

Currently Motherland Ghana depends on the revenues coming from precious minerals to be used for building roads, hospitals, schools and creating jobs for unemployed.

When this time will finally come in 100 years, how is Ghana going to finance the much needed infrastructure and life of the country ?

None in Ghana has the answer but is eating each and everyday the future of Mother Ghana ignoring the future of the next generations to come even it is not written that we should misuse the earth rather use it for living.

Bring all Germans down to Ghana and all Ghanians to Germany in less than five years Ghana will be a paradise and Germany will be ruined.

Ghanaian churches each Sunday are full with people listening to the word of the Bible unlike in empty churches in Europe and America. They hear from stories telling believers of the necessity and wise attitude to ensure and encounter bad times to come for which it is important to get prepared today. They know in their hearts the story of Joseph and his put in place plan to store harvest for the bad days he foresaw.

Ghana is eating today the bread and fruits of their grandchildren leaving them with only dry soil to eat !

When Ghana soil is empty and only what is left are the people, are they prepared for the coming situation or left alone like mad people in the desert seeing a bright future out of thirst and hunger where there is none, only an illusion ?

To transform an economy is not achieved from today until tomorrow, it takes one to two generations of hard work before the third generation can harvest the fruits of inspiration and sweating of loved and caring once.

Some exceptional gifted Ghanaians have good ideas for Motherland Ghana but no vision. Vision is the driving force behind a dynamic transformation of a country at large and it's economy. Vision is the binding power to take all citizen of Ghana into the great new future and not to leave anyone behind that can take the country down again.

A Vision is no magic and not an illusion when based on solid grounds in the people having the vision with the wisdom how to implement it in practical strategic ways using people, time, financial resources and will power effectively to achieve in the shortest possible time the heaven on earth situation to benefit all Ghanaians at the same time.

In a complex world and global village only the common efforts of sweating Ghanaians can make a vision come true lead by special gifted people. To find them and bring their talents to good use a Brain-pool is essential out of which

their internal discussions the vision and instruments can arise and shine for the glory of our Creator… and to put back the smile into young Joshua to let him say to his rejoicing and dancing mother:”Now we really live in a paradise.”

A sick man can ask a Doctor for advice and help. When he finds out the person is a smoker and tells him to stop using cigarettes otherwise death will end his life in five years time…that is all a Doctor can do. He cannot stop smoking for his patient.

Likewise the White man can share with his Black brothers his experiences and insights into life but it is the final decision of the African to find the power and determination inside himself and the nation at large to change for good and move into a prosperous future to benefit the entire People.

God did not create Ghanaians to be beggars but to shine among African Nations and enjoy the fruits of his blessings given to Mother Ghana.

So, reassure in Sunday Service that you are worth being the chosen people and make Joshua proud of the country he will be born in.

Author/copyright: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, 151 A, 4th Avenue, Greda Estate, Teshie-Nungua, Accra,Ghana, phone 00233 265078287, [email protected] or [email protected]

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