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01.11.2013 General News

Martini To Offer Exciting Opportunities To Ghanaians

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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By: Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh
Email:[email protected]
As part of its 150 Anniversary celebration, MARTINI® will be offering Ghanaian consumers exciting opportunities to experience the magic of the brand. It will also be an opportunity for consumers to enjoy MARTINI RoyaleTM, the refreshing and stylish new way of drinking Martini.

Martini will also be welcoming Ghanaians to join them for a refreshing MARTINI RoyaleTM at one of several Martini Royale Terrrazzas in Accra.

The anniversary will also unveil a new brand ambassador in the coming days, and in December, Ghanaian fans will have the opportunity to attend the once-in-a-lifetime MARTINI® 150 Anniversary event in Accra.

The brain child of salesman Alessandro Martini, Liqueur Luigi Rossi and accountant Teofilo Sola, Martini stands amongst the world's most modern megabrands and has an unrivalled heritage of exceptional liquids and rich culture.

The penchant for making and running with opportunities, is something that recurs often in MARTINI® history. Martini's tagline, 'Luck is an attitude' embodies this value, and inspires fans to create their own luck, making the best of what life throws at them.

MARTINI® which is the leading name in the Italian winemaking and a purveyor of the highest quality aromatised and sparkling wines said: ' It is easy to make a Martini Royale Bianco. Fill a glass with ice. Add 50% Martini Bianco, 50% Martini Sparkling Brut, a squeeze of lime and a sprig of mint. Then enjoy.

To make a Martini Royale Rosato, fill a glass with ice. Add 50% Royale Rosato, 50% Sparkling Brut. Squeeze an orange wedge, and drop it in as a garnish. Then enjoy'.

According to the management of the firm, they look forward to the next 150 years and beyond, MARTINI® would continue to win fans and loyal consumers through its ongoing drive to deliver excellence with its stylish, magnetic, playful and laid-back character at the heart.

Enjoying international appeal across a range of ages and cultures, MARTINI® maintains momentum as the brand that inspires people to create their own luck.


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