Ghanaians in Oldenburg hold Memorial Service for the late President Evans Atta Mills

By Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)

Dozens of Ghanaians every now and then in the Diaspora especially cities of Germany continue to converge at various social centers and church houses to observe and show condolences and respects to the late President John Evans Atta Mills.

Latest event, the Ghanaian community in Oldenburg (Germany) and environs teamed up with several Africans from Nigerian, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and even the Germans, to celebrate the burial and the funeral rites to honor his Excellency the late President Prof. John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills whose sudden death occurred at the 37 Military Hospital, Accra after a short illness on Tuesday 24 July 2012.

The event took place at Klingenberg Str. (Pfarrheim) over the weekend. Exactly 8pm central Europe time, the auditorium was crowded by bereaved mourners in red and black dress codes without party colors that signified unity and cooperation.

In a memorial service conducted after the burial on Friday 10, the officiating pastor in charge of the event, Pastor Dennis Ayube-Porwoll preached a sermon to console the attendants. He continued “Late Prof. Mills death was likened Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself and died for mankind, and therefore I implored you brethren to emulate the good works of the departed President Mills” Pastor Dennis however used the occasion to ask the people from various countries to embrace the death of President Mills to foster unity and love to one another.

In another development, Mr. Augustus Kofi Essel, (a Ghanaian Tutor in Niedersachsen) was granted the audience to read a tribute on the behalf of the Ghanaian community. In his contribution, Mr. Essel highlighted the exemplified life, good deeds, visions and selfless national contribution of the late President and urged all attendants to use the occasion to turn over a new leaf.

To wrap up, the Ghanaian community wishes to express their sincere thanks to the organizing committee whose efforts and initiatives have made the event successful, especially, owners of J&I Afro shop (Mr. Isaac Prah and Ekoue Koutonou) and Efo Kossi Hejdrove.

Report by: Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg) Tel. +49(0)17634165647

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