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Divine Word International Ministries Concludes 2011 with Mega Convention in Maryland!!!

Prince Osei Bonsu
6 January 2012 | Diaspora (UK & Ireland)

Divine Word International Ministries concluded 2011 with a Mega Convention which brought together people from all walks of life. The convention, which was held at the University of Maryland University College's Conference Center, was attended by people from Germany, London, China, Ghana, and many parts of North America: USA and Canada.

Not only was the power of God at work but also the spiritually charged members ushered in 2012 with prayers, praises , worship, greetings seasoned with joy and happiness. It was remarkable and exciting to be in the presence of the Lord our God.

Apostle (Dr.) Kofi Adonteng Boateng, the leader and founder of the Divine Word International Ministries, ministered to the congregation as the Spirit of God directed him. December 30 was the opening night and shortly after roll call, praises and worship, the Man of God delivered the sermon.

The message was so powerful that deliverance started without the laying of hands. The devil broke loose because "the entrance of your words gives light…" [Psalm 119:130a].

Dr. Adoteng Boateng called on all members to unite even in the face of adversity and to be with one accord so that the hand of God may unleash massive blessings and divine breakthroughs upon their lives in 2012.

While ministering to a lady, the Spirit of God led Apostle Kofi Adonteng Boateng to handpick another woman from the crowd. Apostle Adonteng Boateng inquired from the latter how she was related to the first woman. Apparently, she was a sister to the first lady.


The Spirit of God revealed to Apostle Adoteng Boateng about the bitterness and the many years the two sisters were not on speaking terms. God is truly all knowing and even darkness is daylight to Him.

He prayed and as part of the reconciliation process, they embraced each other to the admiration of the congregation. What a thunderous applause!!. Many souls were delivered thereafter, and the excitement that accompanied the night's service was exceptional.

There was a powerful morning devotion service called "Good Morning Holy Spirit" on Saturday December 31. The auditorium was so packed and the finger of God moved mightily. As the saints gathered and worshiped and cried to the Lord, the outpouring of the anointing was so great that members received the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Besides deliverance, many were touched and relieved from emotional distress, diseases and infirmities. After the mid-morning service, members had the opportunity to witness the official screening of the “Benji” movie.

This heart-breaking movie was directed and produced by Divine Word International Ministries .

The movie is about the life of a young man named Benji. He suffered numerous abusive and wicked situations at the hands of his Aunt. The episode started when the Aunt took custody of Benji after the untimely death of both parents in a car accident.

On December 31 night, Apostle entered the evening service in a military uniform. The uniform symbolized spiritual warfare against demonic forces tormenting people's lives. After a period of praises and worship, the congregation prayed and released all the arsenals of God over their adversaries. They mixed the word of God with their faith.

The prayers intensified as the clock silently ticked as 12 midnight was approaching. Some cried, others sang, danced and others smiled as the clock struck 12, bringing in the New Year. "Praise the Lord, my eye has seen 2012" some exclaimed. As covenant children, the congregation brought their firstfruit to the altar of God.

On Sunday January 1, 2012, the majority of the congregation was dressed in unity, in their unique “divine-Amenooo” cloth.

Divine Inspiration, (the Youth Choir), Divine Mass Choir was leb by Mr Osei Asibbey,which was newly formed, Divine Angels was directed by Pastor Collins Omane Boateng ,all of Divine Word's choir were there to grace the occasion. We felt the heavens opened as the praise and worship was raised to another level.

Apostle (Dr) Kofi Adonteng Boateng preached about God-fearing, Love, Unity, Forgiveness, and called on Believers to lead exemplary lives, so that those who do not know Christ will see the light in you and be attracted to the goodness of God. Divine leadership believe "that the goodness of God leads you to repentance" [Rom 2:4b]

Apostle urged the congregation that in 2012 each member should eschew evil, be free from ill-information, unfounded allegations against one another, pull him down attitude but rather we should show true love, united and be another's keeper.

No sooner had Apostle delivered the New Year's message than a word of knowledge came forth that there is someone among the congregation who has no dealings with Jesus but he worships idols.

A man responded and came out of the crowd. He affirmed what Apostle Adoteng Boateng had just declared. He added "last night I could not sit in the congregation because as we prayed, I felt there was fire all over me and that I want to give himself to Jesus. I want to be with Jesus, I want to die in Divine and in the arms of Jesus."

The gentleman who practiced voodooism surrendered his voodoo dolls and other satanic instruments in order to give his life to Christ. Apostle and the congregation prayed over the enchantments in the name of Jesus and later on trow away the idols into a trash bin.

The man was fully delivered and he is now a child of light hoping to attend Sunday school to be rooted in the word of God.

Finally, Apostle blessed a marriage and anointed the thousands of all the congregation.

Additionally, he expressed sincere appreciation to the leadership and members of the Maryland assembly.

Apostle (Dr) Kofi Adonteng Boateng recognized all pastors, leadership and entire congregation whose joint efforts made the convention a success. All were pleased that their "bucket full" problems were solved by the Lord God even by faith, as they headed home. Amenoo!!!!!


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