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Konadu Adjemang Rawlings Boycotthemaa

Konadu Adjemang Rawlings  Boycotthemaa
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A twist of Mr Rawlings Speech at NDC Congress. A ridicule of Nana Konadu

At the recent NDC congress in Sunyani, President Atta Mills Prevailed over Nana Konadu Adjemang Rawlings. When it was time for the founder to address the congress he tried to delve into the history of Ghana. He mentioned the story of Osu Alata Mantse, sadly enough he did not know the name of this great political icon and Noble man. Instead he tried to ridicule and make a joke about how the king called the Police to report of a kollo Mashie group behind his Window.

After listening to Rawlings speech, I tried to make meaning of his speech and decipher what Mr Rawlings tried to carry across on that great day.

Just to give u a brief introduction, The King of OsuAlata that Ex- President Rawlings talked about isNiiKwabenaBonee!!! He was born to a father of Sierra Leone decent and a mother from Osu Alata. The King was related to the Husband of Mrs. Selina Taylor, who worked For Mr. Rawlings during the PNDC era. NiiKwabenabonee !!! was installed King of Osu Alata, In 1948 Nii Kwabena Bonee called for and lead a Boycott of European imported goods to the then Gold Coast now called Ghana, this boycott was the catalyst of a series of riots that finally compelled the United Kingdom to grant Ghana Independence. Just after Nii Kwabena Bonee boycott in January of 1948, came the 28thFeburary crossroad incident and subsequent independence of Ghana.

Nii Kwabena Bonee built the Royal Castle in Accra, a great architectural design, housein Ghana. During Rawlings 20 years reign as president in Ghana, he used the Christianborg castle as his office and residence. Funny enough the castle is located in Osu Alata so I was surprised that Rawlings wouldridicule the people of Osu, as well as Alatamantse, however I see a twist to Mr. Rawlings speech.

After the boycott Nii Kwabena Bonee became known as Boycotthene and during Rawlings speech he mentioned that Nii Kwabena Bonee!!! He was initially friends with the white man on the coast then he turned his back on them and organized this boycott which became known as the first ever boycott in the Gold Coast. Was Ex President Rawlings referring to Nana Konadu being in Nii Kwabena Bonee shoes as mingling with the NDC and now being boycotted? If yes, did Rawlings ridicule his wife as boycotthemaa and he referenced or hinted that this could be his last time addressing the congress? if that is the case then is he saying Mati MI Huo.

Mr. Rawlings, I think you need to find time to apologize to the Royal house of OsuAlata, The Taylor family, and the citizens of Osu Alata. I believe you would not ridicule Asantehene and as a statesman like you and the followers that you have its very important that you acknowledge those who paved the way for you and not ridicule them.

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