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04.05.2011 Religion

Muslim must seek knowledge through secular education

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May 04, 2011
Kumasi , May 4, GNA - Muslim youth have been urged to seek higher academic knowledge to enable them to contribute meaningfully to national development.

Mr Abdul Hamid Umar, General Secretary of the Islamic Propagation Research Centre, who made the call, said Islam commands adherents to seek knowledge in all forms and it is incumbent on the youth to reach and search for knowledge at all times.

Mr Umar was speaking at the 15th anniversary celebration of the Kaasi Muslim Youth Association in Kumasi on Tuesday. It was under the theme: "Bringing Islam to the doorstep of all."

He noted that the Muslim type of education given to children, popularly known as 'Makaranta', is the religious and Quranic-based one and not intended to create graduates who can function efficiently in a secular and professional work environment.

He said the knowledge acquired through education should be wide and cover all fields of academic endeavour and not be limited to the "Makaranta.

Mr Umar appealed to Muslim parents to, therefore, prioritise secular education for their children.

He advised the youth to be disciplined and refrain from immoral lifestyles which bring Islamic religion into disrepute.

Alhaji Baba Mohammed, Chairman of the Association, announced that, plans are far advanced to set up an education endowment fund to assist needy but brilliant Muslim children in Kaasi in their academic pursuit.

He said the association as part of its annual charitable activities, presented mats, ceiling fans and kettles to Muslim communities at Ahinsan, Atonsu, Ahodwo and Kaasi to facilitate the worship of Allah.


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