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22.03.2009 Feature Article


This heading,even with reason can still contract much fuss from both partisan divide..Even with humility,uprightness,most thinkers will say much about this "contempt" we all have for Ghana's belly politics.All of a sudden, we all make enemies around us, more fenced with hatred and division, et al.Well,whoever made the hit-movie,HER EXCELLENCY,have actually called Ghana by her middle name:power.I wish i know Abdul Mumuni and Raja Arase(producer and director,respectively) by name and deed to appaud them as such.

As i was through with the movie,i asked myself whether power,in absolute tenor,could be excercised in a classroom as ours. We teach ourselves with hate-crimes that could stand the trials of a court,yet we get off the hook,only to be repeated again and again.If i were to be the lead character in the movie(Jackie Appiah),i would never have lived like that,mindful of its transient limits.Because,soon my mom will be thrown out of office,and be called a commoner,eventually.I wouldn't need to be prompted by any,as Micky Majid did to her.

If you ask me when to live as that,well,i can't swear to it,but i will say,maybe,as the daughter of the Asantehene,you can.This is no way to denigate or elevate the king or the ashanti kingdom,below or above everybody's nose.It's just a storey of how limited and short-sightedness,how modern leadership is.Being Ashanti myself,i have always believed that,the otumfuo,cammands some moral dictum,not because of superiority.Those huge asante kingdom,with its historical and antecedental heritage,far from some kingdoms in Ghana,explains that.

It could have been any other chief,or king,the fact that he or she could sit on a throne or skin.Any other view outside this,attempts to deviate,and dis-sect us to tribal sectors.So when i hear of people speak of the king Osei-Tutu,from who he's not,they speaks from the heart rather the head.Similarly,when Kwesi Pratt leads endless nonentities to dafame the king as nothing short of a chief,this analysis seeks to attack his conscience with logic to exude.

John Kuffour is now an ex-president,a name perhaps,never thought he could hardly ever live with.If not,i wouldn't be the last person to require without answers how he rule-out the consensus of most ghanaians from the last legs of his presidency.

Still a trainee of the word,economics,i leave out the de-regulations of the nation's currency from this dabate to hide my inadequacies on the the subject,but how on earth do you waste,read my lips,waste resources on parties(ghana's 50th birthday bash) with such lavishness?. Come on,body-harness- protected-bmw's for every invited guest?See,that's when you loose track of essence with mainstream ghanaians, only to protect your ego with such spendthrifts.

Americans made history and made mockery of everybody, including hate-groups and hate-crimes,with the election of its first black person to high office.Now,realistically,it qualifies for celebrations,even much feast,yet,then secretary Rice lead the notion of no intended opulence.

One reason;substantial amount of the economy is devoted to security,so with such a high hey of invited presidents,the nation will be in a heist,stretch to its butt,to extends protection to everyone.

To them,that's unacceptable;to us,maybe.And this is the country that provides more than enough of our annal budget,yet,public perception,in a situational meltdown,was the order of the day. When i look through the presidency of Kuffour,i can't help but aligned myself with what Atta Kenedy said.Being the spokesperson for NPP'S 2008 campaign,am safe to say that's the general opinion,though tongues will range with denials, yet the truth is dared as it seems.

Building flashy palaces,senseless awards to more than deserving ghanaians,and totally unnecessary pro-Rawlings-style-purchasing of presidential jets is the lesser thing a leader will think of,let alone do it in a global recession(in our case,the elections)yet,jerry kuffour,lost it from his predecessor to be supplied with the same faith..A fate that tells his party to focus their energies on themselves,at least,for the next eight,oh,sorry,four years.

This said,and hopefully to be done,the ex-president should abstain himself with some moral platitude.The rash to have the Hesse Chanery committee report passed should have be situated within the contest that degenerated the NPP from the primaries hands down.To date his party is still suffering from his passionate support for Alan Kyeremanteng during the time.

The rush to save money for development was thrown to the dogs when bribery were exposed to party executives,and flaunted by the populace.To us,someone is still agitative for the party's support bestowed on its former presidential candidate,when he touched base at the kotoka airport recently.When can the nation swallow such HIV,contained in the ex gratia accord,should be answered through our honest prism.

The economy and the harsh wishes on the ground should serve as the eye on us all.With all these,the current president should be cautious,and not act with such attitude to spare.With his understanding of payback time,it's a bad beginning.Believe me,Kuffour is less pretty as a former president,but such utter disrespect meted out to him,should not.It's an affront to the presidency not the former president to be humiliated this way.History judge people by what they do(the good part)but science does so by what you do not(the baddest part).kwadwo b,virginia-usa.

Kwadwo Baffour
Kwadwo Baffour, © 2009

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