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03.01.2006 Feature Article


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The just ended NDC congress gave us a glimpse of the largest opposition party in Ghana. It is a party of thugs, goons, undisciplined cadres and very uncivilized. We witnessed the African Big man politics of enormous proportion. But after all NDC was never and is not a political party. It was and is an opportunistic populist violent movement which evolved reluctantly into a political party to survive the currents of democracy pushed by Western institutions.The core NDC goons do not surprise me . What surprises me are decent intellectuals who out of political greediness have sold their sense of decency and soul to be part of this raw political and democratic mockery. If the NDC believes they can ride this politics of intimidation to power then they are mistaken. Ghanaians are very peace loving people. There is a new Ghana emerging natured in the rule of law and resolved to build a strong democratic political structure. Despite NPP bumbling on several fronts they have allowed these forces to grow. These forces of freedom and prosperity is bigger than all political parties.

Ghanaians voted NDC, who had all the powerful government machinery, out of power in 2000 not because of lies but because they were tired of the of the brand of politics we saw at Koforidua.

I expect leading political leaders to condemn the disgraceful Koforidua spectacle as a despicable political thug activity perpetuated and organized by the NDC top guns to achieve entrenched positions. The message should be loud and clear. Gone are the days when a thug can ride one tank to Burma camp and take over the country.The NDC party needs to mature as a political party.

The ANC of South Africa has developed from a movement to a political party. The NDC can learn from that. If they do not, they cannot survive as a political party. The idea that they can return to power by playing the tribal card is absurd They need to articulate coherent policies which can transform the ghanaian society and not remind the people how they used to be intimidated. It is a maturing political society and it has to be recognized as so. Three years is a life time in politics and it gives the good but cowards in the NDC party to clean it up and offer a clear alternative to the NPP party which have troubles of their own.To all honest people regardless of political persuasion your image is tarnished. Communism failed not because their goal was not noble but because their methods were wrong.

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