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03.10.2008 International

Driver jailed for killing friend in horror car crash


MANIAC driver Daltery Roger Pearson has been jailed for five years for killing his best friend in a horrific road smash.

The banned driver, who had never even sat his test, got behind the wheel of his car while drunk and drove dangerously for several miles before fatally losing control of the vehicle.
His passenger and best friend, Dane Naylor, was flung from the back window and died as the car careered out of control on the Coast Road in Wallsend.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Pearson had driven aggressively all the way from Newcastle, weaving in and out of traffic and tailgating other cars before clipping a kerb and crashing.

Pearson, had been out in Newcastle with Mr Naylor, 33, from Backworth, North Tyneside, and their partners to watch Kevin Keegan's first game back in charge in January.
Jailing him, Judge Brian Forster QC said: "Your driving was aggressive and you created a continuing risk to other road users.
"Lives have been shattered and at the time Dane's partner was pregnant.
"What is obvious is Dane can never be replaced, he was well loved."
Pearson, 29 of Burnside Close, Cowpen, Blyth, had only been banned from driving two months earlier. He pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified, driving with excess alcohol and having no insurance.

Commentary: Drink driving is extremely dangerous for all drivers and passengers. If you drive, don't drink alcohol. If you drink, don't drive. The Ghana Government should take a tough stance on intoxicated drivers. Akpeteshie should be banned from lorry parks. We should have spot checks on our roads and highways, random breathalyser tests. Anyone suspected of drinking should produce a driving licence and give a urine sample. If tested positive, they should be disqualified from driving for at least one year. We should have alcohol rehabilitation programmes in place. This will save lives in the future.

by Rob Kennedy, Evening Chronicle