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03.10.2008 Health

Pass tobacco control bill- Cancer Society

By gna

The Cancer Society of Ghana (CSG), in collaboration with African Cancer Consortium (AFROX) a UK based non-governmental organisation on Thursday launched this year's Cancer awareness month in the country with a call on government to forward the tobacco control bill initiated to Parliament for consideration.

Dr.Billy Bosu, Head of Non-Communicable Diseases Unit, Ghana Health Service (GHS), who made the call, said there was an urgent need for government to take that step since smoking, a major cause of cancer was on the increase.

He also asked civil society groups and health expects to lobby government to forward the bill which has been at the cabinet level for some time now.

Dr. Bosu lauded the efforts of CSG for creating awareness about the disease and its management and pledged the GHS support to join in its awareness creation programmes.

He complained about the increasing number of advertisements about Alcohol in the media and its overall effect on members of the society, especially the youth who were mainly the targets of such adverts.

Professor David Kerr, Head of AfROX, said their mission was to use a multidisciplinary approach to improve cancer prevention and control measures in Africa.

He called for the creation of a national cancer plan, which would be a great opportunity to bring different skills to bear in the management of the disease.

Prof Kerr said such a plan would aim at promoting healthy behaviours and reduce mortality rate of Cervical and breast cancer through early diagnoses.

He said this would improve access to pain management particularly at the primary health care level.

Prof Kerr asked for the involvement of all stakeholders in drawing the plan and promised AFROX in that regard.

King Tackie Tawiah III, Ga Manste, asked Ghanaians to be mindful of the disease and commended government for creating health awareness.