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04.04.2007 Business & Finance

HFC Bank, Legacy $ legacy to host property confernce

By The Chronicle

In Ghana today, there is a strong demand for property ownership by individuals, couples, families and companies seeking to fulfill what remains one of man's most basic needs.

In spite of generally low incomes, there is a need for creative solutions to the housing problems of the population.

This is because the level of investment in real estate remains one of the globally .accepted measures of the living standard of any country. Research has also shown that in their attempt to realize their lifetime dream of owning property, many people make mistakes which vary from multiple payments for a plot of land, investing in unregistered or litigated property, attempting to circumvent due process, failure to use professionals, lack of insurance at various stages and poor financing strategies.

The net effect is that many make a number of false starts and often lose lots of money before they eventually get it right, if ever.

It is against this background that Legacy & Legacy, a human capital development firm engaged in consulting, publishing and motivational conferences is partnering HFC Bank, Donewell Insurance and a number of corporate and media partners in putting together a day's conference for individuals and corporate organisations seeking to own or invest in property.

The conference dubbed; 'HFC BANK PROPERTY CONFERENCE 2007', with theme: 'Step Confidently onto the Property Ladder', will bring together stakeholders in the real estate industry ranging from service providers like financing institutions, insurance companies, regulatory authorities as well as would-be home-owners to deliberate and map out a clear-cut route for prospective developers to realize their personal and corporate property dreams.

A press release issued by the organisers said the conference, which will attract over 200 upwardly mobile young professionals and entrepreneurs with enthusiasm and drive, is scheduled for La Palm Royal Beach Hotel on Saturday, 28th April 2007.

Topics to be treated include Financing Options for Personal and Corporate Property; Critical Issues in Land Acquisition; Professional Management of Building Projects; The Relevance of Insurance in Property Acquisition; Legal Requirements and their Implications for Property Investment; and the Procedures and Benefits of Using a Real Estate Company.

Speakers to address the various topics include Mr. Asare Akuffo, MD, HFC Bank; Mrs. Rebecca Sittih, a Land Title Administrator; Mr. Ralph Sutherland of Sutherland & Sutherland, Architects; Mr. Victor Larbi, MD, Donewell Insurance; and Mr. Ace Ankomah, of Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah.

The conference will afford stakeholders and participants the opportunity to brainstorm on challenges and critical developments in Ghana's real estate environment as well as best practices going forward.