A New World of Alpha Dreamers

Feature Article A New World of Alpha Dreamers

Why is the emergence of a new world of 'alpha dreamers' suddenly, so important globally? Who are they, and what might happen next? They are 'alpha' because they are the first ever-largest globally aware, universally oriented group on this planet; they are the 'dreamers' because they express enough consciousness to embrace humankind and are curious enough to dream of a better future. Their potential impact is immense, as they possess some powerful qualities that previous generations never had. What is that? How will they succeed? Relax and listen

Firstly, they learned geography not from the atlas but from deep immersion in real-living colors on the live Internet. Their daily circumnavigation of the world rationalized all this by finger-walking and web- surfing. They inherited their own culture, origins, and rights. They are comfortable in their own skin and equally color-blind to other skins. They think in global space and take pride in their nationalism. Hence, they will support multilateralism, globalization, and a collaborative future.

Secondly, they cannot be fooled all the time; their global connectivity and exposure protect them from fake value manipulation economies, wars, pandemics, or woke cultures designed to divide and create unrest. They witnessed technologically advanced engineering of well-planned hate manufacturing. They watched the systematic downfall of institutions. They observed socio-economic destruction as a well- managed art and socio-political tool; therefore, they are far better equipped to figure out how weaponization and politicization of such ideas only hurt all humankind. They will openly fight such shenanigans.

Thirdly, they are the most worldly and knowledgeable people who have ever assembled at the right age and at the right time together in our world. They will finally break the dysfunctionalities apart and reassemble with a brand-new collaborative world order. They are the alpha dreamers, and possibly, are you one of them, too?

Out there exists a clear vision of humankind and the common good. Currently, all such is abandoned in pursuit of a seek-and-destroy mentality. Future generations must acquire basic skills to protect humanity. Hence, climate change becomes an extension of such thinking. The world will be controlled by advanced thinking incubating at the grassroots level responding to grassroots prosperity, not by crypto- tyrannical fakery focused on taxation and schemes. Welcome to the future generation of alpha dreamers.

It all began in 2000 with the birth of 140 million babies worldwide. By 2018, they had reached voting age. Today, at 24, they stand on the cusp of a new era. In the next 2000 days, as we approach 2030, they will turn 30. They will be joined by 1.5 billion younger voters who have come of voting age in the last 30 years. This collective will form the largest, most interconnected, and globally aware society in the history of civilizations. They are the children of 2000, poised to shape our world.

The Children of 2000: Centuries ago, by the time a person acquired 'worldly knowledge,' it was just about time to die. Today, teenagers worldwide have world knowledge, thanks to the Internet, which is the most significant invention ever and the greatest gift from the USA to the world. This technological marvel has shaped the knowledge and understanding of entire generations worldwide. [Excerpted from pamphlets The Children of 2000, published 1995, Naseem Javed]

Who will change the world: Nevertheless, the emergence of unique global perspectives, shaped by observations of the global age and the global awareness with respect for interconnectivity, interdependence, and multilateralism, now allows some five billion people to be globally connected. They are not just dreamers but 'alpha dreamers,' as they are the first largest demographic and globally exposed enough to change the world. [Excerpted from Alpha Dreamers by Naseem Javed, Published by Metrostate Syndication 2019]

Why do current governments across 100 countries still not fathom such grand shifts? Nevertheless, it takes special skills to decipher these major challenges, diffuse and triangulate such technocalamaties with entrepreneurialism, and create new economic uplifts. But how, why, and who will lead such thinking in each nation?

Challenge One: When the majority of countries have almost identical problems, the globally connected realize that nations of the world are openly struggling with the 'commonality of the problems' and answers hidden in the 'commonality of solutions', therefore proving multilateralism and the search for common good is where the world is headed. Solving humankind's problems requires humankind's solutions.

Challenge Two: Behold the 'industrial age' and how it was developed by cheap and hard labor; now notice how smart and fluid minds provide wings to uplift the 'digital age' worldwide. The free world's economies desperately need a quick immersion in the differences between the two: the 'physicality of work' and the 'mentality of performance.' How will this new math drive human productivity, affecting performance and profitability? Why will this art save national economies?

Challenge Three: A century ago, the only talk on any local street was about local gossip; today, any talk on any local street in the world is all about global gossip. Nevertheless, no single country can ever solve all the global problems, even though one single country can cause all the global problems. In the last century, Germany led that position.

Challenge Four: The difference between Thinking Humans & Working Humans: Over the last millennia, 'work' has always been an abstract where body functionality, initially starting with the body and advancing to the mind. Now, it will demand 'mental' performance as the highest standard, and the most 'procedural decision-making' will be handed over to more innovative instant response software. This transformation, like a great white shark bite on 'senior-middle-management,' will alter the global picture across corporate corridors worldwide. Assuming it impacted some 100 million senior-middle- management across the 100 free nations, it will immediately and automatically quadruple productivity, performance, and profitability because the top corridors of the public and private organizations consume over 50% of the operational costs in protocols and decorum. Notice, now this is a new century.

The traditional 'time and motion', a century-old school of thought measuring every human movement that treats each human being in an organization as a mere cog in the wheel, is now being applied to the mind and its thinking linkage with AI performances. If the human mind is to lead productivity, it must acquire mastery over total task + AI to achieve greater results.

Like manufacturing plants, bureaucracies are slow-motion white-collar assembly lines for management where oversight and decision-making take forever. Therefore, this extraordinary global window of exceptional transformation to uplift nations' productivity, which may act along with 'national mobilization of entrepreneurialism' across 100-plus countries, is feasible and ripe for AI to show its magic.

Challenge Five: Most national political leaderships are now under profound influence and primarily focused on 'political economics,' where various theoretical schemes influenced by extreme leftist liberalism are now seen as the nation's saviors and a means to protect humanity.

Academia formulates policies; often neglecting that real-value-creation economic development cannot occur without the central role of entrepreneurialism. Bureaucratic exercises have pushed entrepreneurialism and the role of small and medium enterprises to the sidelined, ignoring they are the prime driver of the economy.

SMEs are the topsoil fields where giant organizations grow.

Today, some 100 free economies are being openly destroyed economically for lack of such corrective measures. Meetings are often repeated as 'circular meeting agendas' worldwide, searching for more circles. What usually remain are whiteboard-post-it-notes art collages, adding more circles to the abstract narratives.

Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the capabilities of national frontline economic development teams. Today, all skills and experiences are showcased through LinkedIn profiles, providing a quick insight into how they can effectively handle such complex mandates.

Once well-skilled in such mental games, it will smoothly allow AI to take over all daily

processing. This will enable more thinking, creating excellent productivity if thinking is well managed. Productivity is not a number game. It is a mental game where entrepreneurial mysticism created a 'franchise,' program 'condominium,' models or 'credit card' concepts. They were all entrepreneurial invented devices that changed the world on productivity, performance, and profitability

A world of too many SME studies: Check out the last major 100 SME studies in the previous decade. Imagine watching a movie on Tarzan, where the filming is all about precise measurements of his bow, arrow, knife, and underwear, but nothing about who he is, where he came from, how he became Tarzan, why animals love him, and why is Jane chasing him and why he is called, the King of the Jungle? Just like entrepreneurs cannot write scientific thesis, academic studies are only academic studies.

Unfold the rolled-up innovations: Hence, the rolled-up and archived piles of millions of un-tapped and un-developed inventions and great ideas of times should be given out as a free database to entrepreneurs as they are the only ones capable of commercializing, monetizing, and globalizing such extraordinary challenges.

Fact: Silicon Valley did not originate from an economic study or academic idea but a global-scale expression of entrepreneurial mysticism. Untrained, unskilled dropouts emerged from garages with wires and buttons, forever changing the world. Despite numerous attempts by other cities to replicate it as an academic project, they failed.

The Future is Workless but not Mindless. Open national debates as silence is proof of lingering incompetency. Masters of Robots are the newly up-skilled, more open to entrepreneurial mastery, while the Slaves of Robots will be the deniers of change. Choose wisely. Never deny incompetence, as it only fortifies your real competence. Nevertheless, a visible vacuum exists in new thought leadership, and in response, a series of new narratives open new debates.

Octagonian Economy: Multifaceted abstract economic thinking without pragmatic and immediately applicable solutions. It all started as a simple value creation economy transformed like a university degree program into a value manipulation economy. Nations addicted to debt moved away from authentic entrepreneurial mysticism. They were immersed in the 'political economy' degree holder programs, where it became a regular campaign with logos, brands, and acronyms. The economic numbering is driving inside like combat units, from climate change, gender, security, logistics, and immigration to the pandemic economy; now, the political economy creates a center-stage position across all political rounds across 100 free economies. The political agenda is now the economic agenda. The political leadership is now the band leader in the park, orchestrating parade melodies.

Governments can no longer continue with academically generated 'political economy' theories dancing all over the national economic crisis, from national debt to logistics, gender to defense, and ignoring the hardcore business of economic development. Once again, it is not their fault. What university course, government training program, or books can they point to that have taught them all this or better? On a global scale, leave the Pentagon aside as the Industrial Political Economic Complex primarily manages global affairs; nothing is wrong unless pragmatic, workable solutions are immediately deployed in parallel.

Economic intellectualism was a decade behind when e-commerce was invented, while today, the national mobilization of entrepreneurialism is a decade ahead. Triangulation of alpha dreamers with intellectual mysticism and to re-create SME economic sectors where already a billion displaced during pandemics, a billion replaced due to automation, and a billion misplaced due to mismatching of job titles and now a billion on starvation march this 4B factor alone with AI now a test of times but currently in the silent realm of academia or economics, this is a call for entrepreneurial mysticism.

Hence, openly challenged on the global stage:

When Will Economic Intellectualism Finally Surrender to Entrepreneurial Mysticism?

The Corrective measures
Global debates needed to bring experts from diverse sectors, but those bold enough to debate and fight out grand challenges on stage streamed to 100000 Cabinet and socio-econo-political movers and shakers of the world. After all, it is not their fault, as no university ever placed such topics in their curriculum. Further, global organizations still need to declare such items as agenda items. During the last five years, no central speaker on any world stage opened on such critical analysis.

Why are such contingencies essential? This is not a public relations theatre of political correctness. There is no space for fearful trepidation when confronting humankind's issues and challenges and arguing that already broken policies are being globally protected and cherished as a great success.

When streamed worldwide to 100,000 within a week, such debates will create an enormous critical mass across 100 free economies, causing some change and some globally accepted consensus.

The superpower economies only grew from the entrepreneurial talents of the citizenry, from the 'National Mobilization of Entrepreneurship.' This movement created oceans of SMEs and uplifted the nation's economies. It up-skilled the SME sectors and supported policies that helped them grow during growth while providing all the tools and environments. Hence, they turned into large national, regional, and global players, demonstrating the power of entrepreneurialism and the potential for national and international prosperity.

The economy is not a sprint but a marathon: Nations only advance by quality and discipline with deep planning and long-term execution. Across Free Economies, there is no 'Economic Crisis'; there is only an 'Economic crisis on economic development skills.' A quick audit of any national economic development will tell a surprising story.

Economic crisis across 100 free economies: Debt-based economies are a grand failure. Abandoning a national citizenry that cannot stand up to global age competitiveness is a political failure. Inabilities to identify, categorize, and digitize high-potential SMEs is an economic development failure. More on Google

Economic development without entrepreneurialism only brings economic destruction. Economic development is supposed to deliver actual working and live enterprises and humming factory operations, but not some catalogs of fancy illustrations. Entrepreneurialism is humankind's only power and mysticism that creates a metamorphosis, originates impossible ideas into vibrant enterprises, and uplifts economies. To date, neither the world of the economy nor the world of academia has been able to produce a special binder, tonic, pill, or ritual to do that. Economic intellectualism does its best by tabulating and forecasting but cannot deploy entrepreneurialism for growth based on real-value creation.

Fact: In business, two fundamental mindsets exist: job seekers and job creators. Job seekers are the backbone of any enterprise, and skilled, career-minded individuals contribute to its growth. However, job creators, out-of-the-box thinkers, and entrepreneurs lay the foundations of such enterprises in the first place.

Fact: Both mindsets are crucial for a thriving economy. However, the Mindset Hypothesis suggests that each mindset must be recognized and aligned for maximum performance optimization.

Fact: Today, 99% of economic development teams in the world's free economies only have a job-seeker mindset. The "Mindset Hypothesis" becomes crucial if economic development is facing challenges.

Understanding all relevant definitions is essential to achieving national entrepreneurial mobilization.

The Gutenberg Press exploded printed text and its distributed dialogue and narratives, ignited a revolution of the mind to seek better answers. Humankind awakens now and then. Just like cave dwellers were shown no mercy when their squared contraptions were forced to be replaced into wheels, so it was written, so it is told.

The world has endured the harshest tyrannies, yet the human mind, surpassing all forces, has consistently rescued humankind. This is merely another stride. The path ahead is bright and wide open. Needed are the open global minds.

Alpha dreamers are better poised to become thinking human v/s the centuries-old models of working human. Like some religious gospel, those who still believe in the highly long-awaited arrival of the 4th industrial revolution will only be awakened in surprise, as we are already immersed in The First Industrial Revolution of the Mind.

When we review the last 100 major international events, their agendas, speakers, profiles, and other high-profile contributions on stage, the most visible issue is the repeated similarities and apparent lack of dramatically new innovative ideas. Global jet-setting is a highly valuable diplomatic and corporate affairs exercise, a must for worldwide dialogue and advancements. It should be a platform that fosters shock-value debates, challenges norms, and introduces cutting-edge concepts. The absence of such impactful contributions now questions the skills and competency that are openly demanded by the nature of the crisis we are all in.

When the world never sleeps: National economic development and the 'national mobilization of entrepreneurialism' must operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year; this provides the depth, spectrum, and global business expansion wisdom. These deployments will awaken various small and medium economic sectors and instill in them the importance of embracing global challenges. This mindset will empower them to stand up to the global age of competitiveness, demonstrating superior productivity, performance, and profitability. More on Google

The steam engines, aeronautical, and telephony enlarged the geography, shrank the interactions, and brought the world very close. All such transitions impact outside our body as exterior solutions. Today, innovative programming and automation directly hit us inside the cores of our minds and physically shake down our bodies. The Industrial Revolution manifested in three-dimensional expansion all the way to our modern world; the First Industrial Revolution of minds is all about our psyche and mindsets into a psychological war in mental performance and making a clear distinction with our body and all its functionalities administered as national policy on Human Resources and Labor.

The realm of productivity, a crucial aspect of our economic landscape, now demands a deep immersion for the economic intelligentsia to grasp its implications fully. Understanding productivity is not just a matter of academic interest but a key to unlocking the potential of entrepreneurialism and driving economic growth.

The domain of productivity is where the mysticism of entrepreneurialism resides. As we venture deeper into this realm, it becomes clear that new ways of thinking must be articulated to understand its potential ramifications. Economic numbering is both an art and a science, but effectively working with entrepreneurialism necessitates a convergence of mindsets. This convergence, in turn, can inspire new

ideas and approaches, sparking intrigue and innovation. It is the power of collective thinking that drives entrepreneurialism forward.

Creating superpower economies: 1974: Fifty years ago, India had a 99 billion dollar economy, China had a 148 billion dollar economy, and the USA had a 1.5 trillion economy. 2024: Today, according to the World Bank, India has a 3.5 trillion dollar economy, China has an 18 Trillion dollar Economy, and the USA has 27 trillion.

Fact: If no SMEs ever existed in the USA, China, and India today, they would be more like empty vast lands. What will this math look like when applied to dozens of other nations already poised to seek the same global power play in economics?

Alpha Dreamers know that over a million entrepreneurs have already created over a million original small and medium businesses and grown them into each, creating over a million jobs. Why the lingering fear of identifying at least one Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, whoever built one such enterprise?

Three Red Alerts: Nevertheless, failing to understand the 'mindset hypothesis,' the difference between the job seeker and job creator mindsets is the first red alert in any senior-level dialogue on SME economic recovery. Failing to articulate on the 'National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism' is the second red alert in any significant economic development activity. Failing to produce functional regional models of 'identification, categorization, and digitization' of potential SMEs is the third red alert of any SME sectoral policies.

Even if the above assertions are incorrect, they should not close the doors for open debates. Silence now indicates a fear of exposing levels of competencies. In search of immediate solutions, no matter what, the times call for action; the Expothon narratives are now opening new global debates. The urgency and action are paramount. Study more on Google.

Why Expothon Worldwide, a global platform for entrepreneurial innovation and authority on National Mobilization of SME protocols now so focused on 100 countries? Why is it challenging with new narratives and deployable methodologies for all massive SME sectors within the GCC, OIC, European Union, African Union, Commonwealth, BRICS, and ASEAN for national mobilization of entrepreneurialism as immediately applicable pragmatic solutions?

Why is Expothon selecting a single local champion within each country and bringing them in a top-level program, orienting them on the Mastery of 'National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols' to lead local national perspectives with global connectivity? Why our narrative is now gaining global attention for bold and dramatically different thinking on economic development across SME regions across the free world? Why SMEs of the world are real economic development battlefields? More on Google

Caution: Nationwide testing, reorienting, and intense training for all frontline economic development teams will become essential as survival training on such topics will become crucial; otherwise,

the economies of some 100 nations dependent on printing unlimited currencies and having circular meetings, creating bubbles and circles, will end very badly.

Best: Stop working and start thinking. Soon, a new world will emerge with solutions and strategies. Productivity gains originated first as mental strategies, and they were later deployed.

Acquire special skills and knowledge to start debates and discussions to prove your mental skills of understanding grassroots prosperity and harmonious global trading. Indulge with like-minded global thinkers. Spared your discoveries, enlarge the narratives but remain focused on grassroots prosperity and the common good

Being busy is often highly unproductive. Study why millionaires on schedules usually appear steps away from a heart attack while billionaires are always as fresh as coming out of yoga classes. Millionaires struggle to achieve maximum all by themselves, and billionaires struggle to delegate almost everything; they think more deeply and at a more advanced level. Only the billionaire mindsets create billionaires like what the millionaire's mindset does.

Conventional Work routines only produce insecurity, so complexity, secrecy, codes, and irrelevant rules are added as security blankets, along with baskets of rubber stamps and the 'in' and 'out' trays. All combined, they promise a life-long position despite how they become a destroyer model of national productivity.

Fact: Only humans can think; there is only human intelligence, and only humans control AI. The world now requires more Thinking Humans and fewer Working Humans. Everyone's role in this shift is crucial. The Meaning of Work is lost in the fog, like 'riding' the power work of those days lost to cars or farmhands to agro-turbines. Can you see how alpha dreamers can carve a responsible role here and change the world?

The shining lights will be on the mental gymnasts who can scramble to figure out all the big and small challenges ahead, let technology and automation lead, and optimize performance, productivity, and profitability. Stand by and watch the results. Develop more new ideas. Repeat advance, tech, and advance further; this is how superpower economies were created, and they didn't emerge from thin air.

Audit, test, orient, and train all frontline economic teams to create a global shift and bring both job seekers and job creators' mindsets closer. The rest is easy

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