Let's change our mindsets from 'vain directions' and remain righteous to save our souls - Rev. Minister to Ghanaians

Social News Let's change our mindsets from 'vain directions' and remain righteous to save our souls - Rev. Minister to Ghanaians

Pastor Justice Appiah, founder and leader of the Anointing Love Ministry in Kumasi, Ashanti region, delivered a powerful message urging Ghanaians, particularly Christians, to rekindle their faith in Christ, who holds the power to liberate humanity from the shackles of sin.

During his early morning sermon on Tuesday, April 17, 2024, broadcasted on Kumasi-based private radio station, Silver FM, Pastor Appiah emphasized that true salvation and fulfillment stem from living a righteous life, as deviation from this path leads to turmoil and despair.

The clergyman underscored that mankind's purpose is to lead a righteous existence and serve God, paving the way for salvation after death. He lamented the prevalence of false doctrines propagated by charlatan pastors, leading many to stray from the path of true happiness.

Pastor Appiah highlighted the alarming trend of individuals, including Christians, seeking miracles and prosperity through dubious means, such as consulting certain pastors for 'directions' (Akwankyere).

He condemned such practices, asserting that those who chase after these false promises often find themselves in greater misery, realizing too late that true prosperity comes from God alone.

The pastor warned against the proliferation of false and self-serving pastors who distort the noble profession of priesthood with adulterated doctrines, including the deceptive practice of 'directions' (Akwankyere), ultimately leading believers away from the truth.

Encouraging his listeners to seek refuge in Christ, Pastor Appiah emphasized the transformative power of God's word, citing the Gospel of Matthew (8-16) as evidence of its healing and liberating capabilities.

He cautioned against relying on superstitious rituals and items devoid of genuine spiritual power, urging believers to build their lives on the solid foundation of righteousness in Christ.

In light of the prevailing societal challenges and temptations, Pastor Appiah urged against seeking solace in dubious spiritual practices or consulting pastors of questionable integrity, emphasizing the need for steadfastness in faith.

Highlighting the hypocrisy of contemporary spiritual leaders who exploit the scriptures for personal gain, Pastor Appiah called on Ghanaians to heed the guidance of the Holy Spirit and uphold righteousness for the sake of their own salvation.

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