The Elephant is heading back to the bush?

Feature Article The Elephant is heading back to the bush?

One of my all-time favourite musicians is the Late Amada Jebre. He became blind at the age of two, but identified his musical talent as a child and learned to play the Ghanaian thumb piano.

In the mid 60’s, Amada started playing music on the street and was endeared to the hearts of many who gave him the nickname Onipa Nua, meaning “the people’s brother.”

Onipa Nua was discovered by Faisal Helwani in 1980, and had his musical career turned around leading to his first international musical concert in Paris in 1990.

One album that shot Onipa Nua to fame is “Onipa Nye”, meaning Man is bad. But the question one would want to ask is, are humans that bad by nature?

As much as humans can be amazingly good, caring and creative beyond words, they could be terrible! And such trait of Man is what is believed to be manifesting itself in the camp of the Elephant. Some Kukrudites dey bore rough. They are determined to see the back of the Elephant this year.

And this reminds of the Mouse Story. Even though I knew mice are very destructive and pesky, I never knew they could be that naughty, mischievous, wicked and sinful till I heard this story:

A mouse went on a destruction spree with his son on someone’s pepper farm and started chewing every pepper on the farm.

The following ensued between the mouse and his son.

Son: Father why are we chewing this pepper? It’s not palatable, besides, it’s too hot, and my mouth is burning!

Father: Shut up! Have you seen how my nose is dripping with water? I know the pepper is really hot and does not taste good, but “ye bo abro” (we’re just being inconsiderate and wicked.)

Folks, I thought it’s only the mice that can be that bad; but I’m dead wrong — some peeved inconsiderate political mercenaries of Yaanom are on the prowl, and their mission is simple: to “bo abro."

And it is not surprising that some polls are predicting a whopping 2.4 million loss margin.

But whatever the case, the grandson of the Gonja warrior, Ndewura Jakpa, JDM the people’s brother is ready to lead Ghanaians to the Promise Land on December 7.

Anthony Obeng Afrane